Buying myself an engagement ring? (Just for fun)

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  1. Alright now, so here's my story: I'm quite young and have been in a committed relationship for three years now but have no intentions to get engaged anytime soon... but I really want a big shiny diamond ring on my finger. I love how extravagant engagement rings can look. I'm always admiring everyone else's rings and would love a piece of hand candy. Do you think it's wrong of me to buy myself an engagement ring, but wear it on my right hand? Occasionally maybe slip it onto my left hand when I'm heading to the bar and don't feel like getting hit on. ;)
    I asked a friend and she told me it would be kind of weird, and that I should just wait until I end up getting engaged.
  2. Don't spoil the moment of getting engaged by buying yourself an engagement ring beforehand. Buy yourself a great right hand ring and leave your left hand for the day when the person you will marry buys you a ring.
  3. I don't think it's weird at all! I think its a great idea :smile:
  4. I would just buy myself a great ring for my right hand, diamond(s) or other gems (emeralds?). You will be able to wear it forever, and it will be your gift to yourself with no other connotations to spoil your enjoyment.

    I was just thinking how great it would be to buy myself a ring with a pink diamond!
  5. Well, your not actually buying yourself an " engagement" ring.....your just buying a diamond ring...........

    I say why the he$$ not!!!......anything goes in todays world.....just be prepared that you may get questions from can always reset it when you get enagaged, or you will have one lucky guy that doesnt have to fork over the money for a ring...just a big blingy band...:biggrin:
  6. I bought myself a diamond solitaire, I wear it on either hand. I have no plans to ever get married, and my boyfriend feels the same way.

    Do what you want. Like somebody said, it is not an engagement ring it is just a diamond ring.
  7. THIS!
    I'm happily married and plan to stay that way, but you can bet if I were single I would not give up wearing diamond rings! Bands, solitaires, whatever.
  8. Did you just come out of retirement to post that? :woot: I had to double check this wasn't an old thread. You just made me happy! :smooch:

    OP: Like the others have said, it's just a ring. I'm 46 and still not married - if I waited for a man to buy me a diamond ring, my fingers would still be bare.
    I've bought my own right hand ring and also had one re-set that my grandmother passed on to me.
    If you happen to like the solitaire look, then that's what you like and that's what you should buy.
  9. dont even use the word engagement ring. you are buying yourself a ring. do it-enjoy it-BUT i wouldnt wear on it youe left ring finger. it could offend or upset your partner. dont confuse the issue
  10. I actually love your idea of getting a pink diamond! I actually have just been browsing diamond rings online and I think maybe a lighter more subtle pink would suit me. I'm not a huge fan of darker coloured stones which maybe was why I initially dismissed the idea. Then that way I guess I don't ruin it for myself IF I ever get an engagement ring.
  11. I agree, it's hardly an e-ring if you're buying it for yourself and not ending up engaged, lol!

    Sure, if you have the funds, indulge in a beautiful diamond ring :yes:
  12. I agree with others here -- there's nothing weird about buying yourself a diamond ring. It's only an engagement ring if you are becoming engaged. Also, I agree with the pink diamond idea; that just sounds so pretty, but then I also happen to love pink diamonds! :lol:
  13. You can also buy yourself a big diamond pendant or some fab earrings! Don't limit yourself to just a ring.
  14. IMO the only thing that would make it weird is if you put it on your left ring finger and called it an engagement ring... If you're buying the ring for yourself no matter which finger it's on it won't constitute an engagement ring because it didn't come with a proposal. Enjoy your new ring, post pics!!!
  15. It will be weird if you ask yourself to marry you before you put it on. Lol! Wear your jewelry however you want it. It is what it is:smile: