buying my VERY FIRST bbag...

  1. hi everyone! im so hooked on this forum! im from Singapore but will be in New York tomorrow (27Dec) and am just dying to get my first Balenciaga! i'll also be planning a trip to Woodbury Outlet...any recommendations or must-buys?:smile:
    oh, just tot i'll ask u ladies for some advice:
    - sld i get the bag in NYC? coz i get to travel to Paris in Jan and was wondering where will indeed be cheaper...
    - im undecided abt getting a First or a Mid-Afternoon (loving the mid-afternoon for its unique!) only 1.6m and am not sure if the mid-afternoon will be too overwhelming?
    thanks once again for this very informative forum!:love:
  2. i'd say if u find the color and the style u like, get it right away cuz u might not be able to find it elsewhere :smile:
  3. hi pris! thanks for ur reply! my initial choice was lilac or i cant wait to get to NYC! :tender:
  4. Lilac and Greige were prior season colors, so they may be sold out in some styles or completely. I just bought a Greige first a couple of weeks ago, and they had 5 or 6 others at the time. I didn't ask about other styles or Lilac.
  5. hi highglossfinish! thanks for ur reply! did you get ur FIRST in new york? do u think i sld just go to the Balenciaga boutique to take a look? cheers!
  6. if u're 16, i think u should get the first :p
    g luck!
  7. as to woodbury commons, ive found some good deals at giorgio armani and space (prada/miu miu). the Saks and Neiman Marcus outlets were blegh...
  8. Let us know what you find at BNY. The boutique is a great place to try on all the styles for future reference.