Buying my Girlfriend a designer bag *Help*

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  1. Hey, I am currently searching for a gift for my girlfriend, and I know she would be very happy if she got a quality designer bag. And I am torn between different brands and bags. Could you give me an advice, my and hopefully her :smile: favourites are Ysl, ferragamo and Chloe. And I really can’t decide, I want it to be perfect. I recently almost bought this bag

    But then I thought why don’t ask some specialists :smile:
  2. A versatile quality designer bag, that is really worth its price would really be appreciated , I am still studying so my budget is kind of limited, but my desire to buy her a really lovely bag isn’t:biggrin:
  3. All the bags you mentioned are very good brands, so it is totally down to what goes with her style, I would buy her something you know she will want to wear a lot
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  4. I would take her shopping with you. There are so many aspects that are so personal, such as whether she prefers hand held or shoulder or cross-body, structured or unstructured, gold or silver hardware, logos or more discreet. Budget is also a consideration.
    Alternatively bring up the topic and discuss her preferences along with your budget and ask her to email you links to some favourite bags she wishes she had.
    I am married, and surprise gifts are usually not what the person would have chosen for themselves, so we do not do surprise gifts for each other but ask what the other wants.
    I think getting her preferences from her before shopping is the best idea.
  5. Why don't you ask your girlfriend which bag she'd like to have ?
  6. Thank you for your reply, well I think I know her taste quite well. She isn’t into flashy clothes and bags. And I know that she loves shoulder bags, I recently asked her about some Louis Vuitton bags and while I loved the monceau and pochette metis, she disliked them. But she loves the sac de jour and other ysl bags, so I really tend to get one. But I heard there are quality issues, Jesus I really understand why girls are into designer bags
  7. I asked her, we want to get married soon, so she said don’t spend so much money on one bag, we neee the money :biggrin: but I want her to have one, because I know she wants one
  9. You are very generous, but I'd really say her what you wrote in order not to spend on something she won't like.
    Happy marriage !
  10. thank you :smile:
  11. Ferragamo is quality and class. I will stay away from YSL because of the style and quality. I personally love the new ferragamo studio bag. The ferragamo Sofia is my all time favorite and such a classic. I think they are discontinuing it but they might still be in store. The Sofia is like the version prior to the bag that you just posted.
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