Buying my first Tokidoki!

  1. I saw the Buon Viaggio bag at a LeSportSac store and it was soooo comfortable! I really want to get it this weekend, but in Hawaii, it is $194! I noticed their website and Macy's, the bag is $160. Is it worth $194??? Any feedback on the Vacanze design? That was the only Tokidoki design they had for the Buon Viaggio bag. Appreciate any feedback!
  2. Oooh, yeah. Hawaii is waaay more expensive than any store on the mainland. They're really supposed to be $160 (plus tax)

    Personally, I also have a Vacanze Buon Viaggio. I LOVE it. It's super adorable and so comfortable, and with an insert on the bottom, it keeps its shape rather well. The fabric's a little bit stiff, but it's nothing too bad.
  3. My mom is a recent convert to the buon viaggio (she has a vacanze BV) after realizing the stellina is a bit too small for her. She absolutely loves it as an everyday bag.

    Vacanze is the last "new" print to be released in the Tokidoki for LeSportsac collaboration. However, the Foresta print, which was originally released in summer/fall 2006, was just re-released in Hawaii and Guam only a few months ago; and there are persistant rumors that the paradiso, inferno, and l'amore prints are going to be re-released in only Hawaii and Guam as well.

    I believe there are reference threads (or links to reference threads) where you can check out past print releases. I would recommend eBay too, but there are some nasty fakes on there and I wouldn't want you to be confused!