Buying my first suit -- two button or three button?

  1. The two-button is the classic for Men's suiting, but I typically see women with three button suits. I also prefer three-button myself because it gives me a more fitted look. Since you are young I would recommend the three-button style for you as well.

    I order stuff from online all the time but a suit is something I would much more recommend you go to the store to try it on first.
  2. Thank you! That helps so much.

    I'm planning on heading to the store and trying it on before buying, for sure. If I'm already dropping the cash (and it is PAINFUL for me to spend so much money on a something as boring as a suit, when I think of all of the other fun things I could be spending the money on!), I will definitely make sure it fits! Thanks again!
  3. The type of suit you get depends on your body type. I would suggest you try both styles on and see which one flatters your features more.
  4. A two button suit is more classic, but the suggestion of katrines and monkeygirl are right on - you need to try it on to see which one fits your body type the best.
  5. I prefer a 3-button suit, because I grew up in the 80's and I associate the 2-button jackets with Kathleen Turner wearing baggy menswear-type blazers with huge shoulder pads :yucky:

    I got my suit at the BCBG outlet-- it's solid black with a 3-button jacket and matching wideleg trousers. It's done me very well :tup:
  6. I see women in 3 button suits normally. The two usually appear more casual to me. It really depends on your body and how it looks for the most part though. Go try on suits- I'd never buy one online unless I already had the same one already. However, when I wear a suit I rarely button all the way. I usually leave the third undone.
  7. Ha, I was just complaining about this also!! (I have to buy some work-appropriate clothes and everything is so darn expensive and un-cute!)
    I did med school interviews about a year ago and from what I remember, a lot of the girls (myself included) were wearing two-button suits. I personally like two buttons more because it allows the jacket to sit better on your hips. But try both on and see what you like; I don't think you can go wrong with either as long as it looks good on you.
  8. Ita that you should try it on. I found a tahari suit for 99 dollars at loehmanns, so if there's one near it you it might be worth stopping by. Also check out theory/bcbg outlets. For me, jcrew suits didn't work as well on my body :nogood:
  9. In addition to how it fits on your body, what you decide wear under the suit will make a difference (blouse v. camisole), as will whether you want to wear pants or a skirt or both. I personally LOVE jcrew suits-- city fit pants, two button jacket, in the wool gab. I also think that Banana Republic makes decent suits, both of my go to suits are jcrew. BCBG pants don't fit me at all. The honest reality is that as long as you look reasonably professional- standard color suit of any brand and decent shoes, firms really aren't going to care what you're wearing. Good Luck!
  10. I like the option of formality that a three-button jacket gives. That way, you can dress it up or down.

    Also, don't be put off by the idea of a suit! They can be the most versatile things you own, if you're creative and have fun with them. Think of them like a blank canvas--for example, you could wear your suit with pearls, pumps and a silk shirt for the courthouse; and then go out for cocktails that night by just changing to sexy shoes, and throwing on a little cami top and red lipstick. You can wear the jacket over a beautiful silk dress, or with jeans and boots on the weekend, or dress it up or down with scarves and classic or costume jewelry.

    That JCrew suit looks like a nice basic, but I'd agree with others here that you should just take a fun shopping day and try on a million suits, to see which one makes you look the most FAB-U-LOUS!:yahoo:
  11. I find that three-button suits are more flattering on me because I have a small bust. Try both on and see which one gives you a more fitted, sleek look. Good luck!
  12. I also think a 3 button suit looks flattering on any body shape. Plus, J Crew makes them with such a good fit that you can't go wrong.
  13. Actually, it depends on your body type, but typically a two button jacket is better for more body types and a three button holds things in a little more. Ultimately I agree, go with what fits you well. I have had my JCrew suit for 6 years now and it is a two button and I love it. I also have three button jackets in my wardrobe though.
  14. one button actually, as it will give the impression of a waist rather than make you look like a box