Buying my first Mulberry!


Oct 30, 2009
Little Mulberry newbie here! :smile:
I have utterly fallen in love with the Oak Bayswater and was thinking of busting the student loan and buying one. However, they are currently £550, so I have a few questions...

Do they ever go on sale? Would this be a boxing day sale?

If I went second hand, where is the best place to get it? (I'm in Edinburgh).

I also read somewhere that they were making a price increase soon, any ideas when this would be?


H x


Sep 8, 2009
Hi and welcome Hannah,

I'm new myself, so others will be able to help you more re sale, as I may be wrong, but I don't think the oak bayswater ever goes on sale. You'll occasionally get 10% off days in House of Fraser and the likes, but that's about it. Price rise is the 1st November, and I'm pretty sure there will be a £50 increase on the bayswater - I spoke to Mulberry this morning about the price increases and he said there would be increases on all the core lines, minimum being about £50.

I've never been to any of the outlets, you'd maybe get one there?? But they're quite far from Edinburgh!

Happy shopping. :biggrin:


Oct 1, 2009
hi, i'm quite new to this too so can't answer all your questions but thought i'd welcome you along!
the oak bays tends to be the most popular colour/style so don't think it would go into sale.
there is a thread on here somewhere about genuine ebay sellers if u wanted to buy second hand.
i think the price increase is about an extra £50 from 1st Nov.

hope this helps, i'm sure someone will come along with better info.
good luck with your search.


Yes, Mulberry told me yesterday that it is going up to £595 tomorrow. Oak bayswaters very very rarely come up at the outlets so that is a very long shot. I got one from Mywardrobe using the Amex20 voucher. I think that is probably the best route if you want a new one.


per aspera ad astra
May 27, 2009
Hi Hannah and welcome! Oak Bays is beautiful, a true classic and you'll love and use her for years to come if you decide to take the plunge!
Is it important that you buy new or is preloved an option? You may be able to get your hands on a fab condition preloved Darwin oak Bays for less money than you'd shell out for a new nvt one... Nvt is supposed to be the new name for Darwin (so say Mulberry!) but most ladies here agree that the Darwin, although heavier, is superior to nvt in terms of thickness, durability, how it ages and so on. Might be worth thinking about!
May 7, 2007
Hi and welcome to the forum.

I think you're questions have already been answered - Oak Bays never goes on sale, increase is on 1st November (so its today left then really!).

Outlets do occasionally have Oak Bays (which is why I got mine from) but you have to be quick and if they are at outlet then it normally means that there is a fault in the bag somewhere.

The outlets do mail order within the UK and they will mention any faults the bag has over the phone. You also have 7 days in which to return the bag to the said outlet for a full refund.

Good luck on the hunt although tbh, I'm not sure that you'll find one at outlet at the moment and if you're going to get a new one before the price increase ..... well, as I said, it only leaves you today to buy one.

Good Luck!!


Sep 2, 2008
Late here but just wanted to say, excellent choice! Oak Darwin Bays is one of the loveliest bags around. Good luck with the search!

P.S. Have you emailed the authentic ebay sellers yet? 'Mulberrymad', '2.go.2' and 'naughtipidgin' for starters. Might be worth emailing Sam at as well to see if she has one in her stock that hasn't been listed on the site yet.