buying my first LV... HELP!

  1. hi guys... i have decided that i am buying my first LV tomorrow! i'm soo excited. :yahoo:

    i am think either a monogram or damier azure speedy 30. i'm just a little worried my arm will get tired holding it, but we'll see. i have about $800 to spend. does this seem like a good choice to you? or should i think about something else?

    any guidence would be greatly appreciated!! thanks :smile:
  2. definitely the mono speedy as my first
  3. [​IMG]



    you will NEVER get tired of holidng louie!!!
    monogram will always be classic.....:heart:
  4. [​IMG]
    papillon is pretty cute....comes with a baby too, and you can wear it on your shoulder.....

    cite MM is so cute too! you don't see too many people carrying this --- i used to have it and enjoyed it so much!!! until i gave it to my friend...

    BH is a great choice too![​IMG]



    ok....i'll stop now...!
    good luck....make sure to post pics when you get your first bag!!! can't wait!! yay, congrats!
  5. thanks so much for your quick replies! you guys rock!!

    i can't wait for tomorrow! i just still cant decide between a mono speedy and a damier azure.

    the only reason i'm thinking i might not get a mono is because i'm 21 and alot of people where i live (cincinnati, OH) especially people my age, have fake Louis Vuitton and i dont want anyone to think that mine is a fake!
  6. Both are cute. I'd probably go for the Mono because it is your first bag, but try both on and see which one is perfect for you.
  7. you can never go wrong with mono speedy.....maybe you can get a cles or bandau as well to use as a bag charm ---- they'd help make your bag stands out more!!!!

    aaaaa, good'ol Ohio....i went school there and my DH is from there, too!
  8. How exciting!:nuts: I would wait till you get to the store, maybe try on some of the great options that others have posted pics of and just see which bag you love.:yes:
  9. Sophia618! You have all the pics! Genius!:yahoo:
  10. I'd go for the Speedy!
  11. You won't regret getting the Speedy, either in mono or damier azur (mind you there's a waitlist for the latter). It's a very light bag and you'll love it, good luck!

    Sophia618, those are some gorgeous pics! Very helpful indeed, thanx!
  12. my vote goes to the mono speedy.
  13. depends. which do you prefer? handbags or shoulder bags? if handbags then go for the speedy!! it's a classic, can't go wrong there.
    with $800 to spend, you can buy an accessory for it too. I'd go for the azur speedy.
  14. i actually like the mono pap, bh or pop haut. good luck!