Buying my First Louis

  1. the site ships it flat and boxed...!

    i prefer the site because shipping is free....saves you money on traveling, and you get the same result opening it!

    unless you were shopping with someone else, there is nothing sadder than buying it in the store and walking out with nobody to take your picture in front of the store holding your new baby!!!!

    but when you are at home, you can be so excited waiting for it to arrive, and then opening it, holding it in privacy, inspecting it, modeling it, filling it up with stuff, trying on different outfits!!!

    i loveeeeeeeeeeee buying straight from the site!brand new leather, never touched by anyone but you!love it!
  2. I have another question to ask.

    What is reglazing and how often does it need to be done?
  3. It is when they redo the glaze along the raw edges of the leather.I've never needed it.but I've seen some bags that could use it badly ever since they switched to a thinner glaze
  4. I think if you're purchasing ur first LV bag, you should experience it in the LV boutique. Just my opinion :smile: good luck
  5. If you do have a store near you PLeASE do not buy online. The two times I have purchased online they both had issues! One had hair in it and the other had a scratched up button. Getting them to exchange them was a nightmare! I am only speaking for myself but I will never order online again. But I do understand if you do not have a store anywhere near you.
  6. Totally agree! I have a store 30 mins away from me an decided to order online. The bag came with issues and the next day I made the 30 minute trip to take it back. OP - If you can visit a boutique you should do so.
  7. So I plan on buying my bag soon.

    Why are some bags made in USA & others France?

    Id like one that says France, How can I go about getting a france made bag online?
  8. Call customer service and place your order over the phone, then you can make the request although I'm not sure if they can guarantee one. I ordered last week and got a made in france. I think it's luck of the draw.
  9. Because some bags are made in France and some bag are manufactured in the USA. Just as some are made in Italy and Spain. You can go to a store and see if they have any MiF bags in stock. If not you will have to wait until one becomes available (which may not or never happen) or you can purchase one that says Made in USA. Either way, they are LV.
  10. That is interesting, I haven't encountered a 'made in Italy' one. Are these usually SLGs?
  11. This was my first LV bag as well... and even though I have a few bags now and many SLGs, it's still my favorite LV piece in my collection. Good choice! You'll be very happy with it. The MM size is perfect.

    When you buy online, you still get all of the things that you're supposed to. I just bought a cles... came in dust bag, box, leather cord wrapped around, receipt inside an envelope, all that :smile: If you're wanting a bag made in a specific country though, the only way I know to select one is by going to the boutique and requesting it. My SA dug through all of the Neverfull GMs in Damier when I purchased mine and found the only MIF that they had at the time. I don't really care where they come from, I just like to have a mix - USA, France, Spain - I don't see any difference in the pieces at all. I've yet to score an Italy though! One day.

  12. Ok thats all great to know. This is my first designer bag. I have a Fendi but my Mom bought it for me. So this will be the first time i've ever spent this mush on a bag, That's why it's taken me so long.

    Thanks for all the help :smile:
  13. I think some limited editions are made in Italy.
  14. I just got this in DE from the website, comes with a box and dust bag. DE doesn't show the wear like mono does. Great bag!
  15. No SLG's, just some of their bags such as the Sofia Coppola and Antheia Ixia to name a couple or some of the bags from the Runway editions.