Buying My First Louis Vuitton!!!!!

  1. okay so, I had a horrible ebay experience, earlier this week, before I found my girl LV ADDICT, I thought I had purchased an authentic speedy, I am so :censor: mad and on top I really don't think the seller is going to give me my money back, so my hubby is giving me $750 :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: to go into the store and purchase a new bag, so ladies, FOCUS! which louis should I get? please post pics! any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!........:heart: :love: :love:
  2. go to the store and try them all on. because no matter what we say, when you see stuff in person, you will change your mind and want them all!
  3. thanks! Maybe I will! I' ve been eyeing the antigua line, but I kinda want leather! I don't the mini monogram too oldish looking?
  4. So true!!!
  5. If the seller doesn't refund you, file a chargeback with your CC!
    As for LV bag, get a Speedy 25 ($565) and a key holder ($145) to go with it!!!:biggrin: GOOD LUCK!!!
    p10199973_ph_hero.jpg p10188959_ph_hero.jpg
  6. Nothing beats going to LV and trying them all on..I went in last week for a Prada bag at Saks and ended up with 2 LV bags!LOL! GOTTA GO TO THE STORE!
  7. I always have very great feeling coming out from store with LV Shopping bags ...I feel that my face can't stop smilling !Try it :biggrin:

    Great suggestion from Irene, it will meet your budget. May be you want to consider heat stamp as well while were there.
  8. I Like Lv addict's (Irene's) Choices As Well. Go In & Try....You Deserve A Special Treat After What You Have Been Through
  9. Definitely file a chargeback on your CC and I agree with LVaddict's choice.
  10. thank you ladies!
  11. Great pics addict! (you'll always be the #1 lv addict in my book!)
  12. goodluck on your purchase! i'm sure that when you get to the store you won't come out empty-handed.