Buying my first Kelly... need a bit of help!

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  1. I have recently convinced my husband that it is necessary for me to have yet another handbag and have set my mind on the Kelly because finding a nice vintage Monaco has turned out to be nearly impossible. As I am quite small (154 cm, or 5'1) and petite, I was wondering about the size... Even a Louie Speedy 30 looks huge on me. Should I get the 28? Any ideas? I was thinking of box leather, navy or black. I don't need to carry too much stuff with me everyday - just my agendas, wallet, mobile, a small notebook etc. I'm turning thirty next autumn so it will be my first "adult" bag and I've sold all of my trashy juvenile Diors to make room for it, so all comments from more experienced hermesoholics would be appreciated!
  2. i am petite too and the speedy 25 looks better on me than the 30. i went with a 28 sellier. if you prefer the retourne shape, you can either go 28 or 32. there are lots of threads about 28 versus 32. be sure to also read the threads on box leather.
  3. I carried the 25 speedy myself -- but do carry a 32 kelly -- it's really a personal choice but 28 would probably be just right!
  4. Thanks!! I once made a huge mistake an bought a vintage Dior clutch -was inspired by Sex and the City- on Carrie it looked very cute but on me like a briefcase.
  5. Welcome! Based on your wants and likes, I'd recommend a black box Kelly 28cm Retourne with either gold or palladium HW. Wear this bag with jeans or at a very dressy dinner. It goes everywhere!
  6. You're about my height. I find that Speedy 25 looks best on me. I've got such a petite structure. Through trial and error, the best sizes for me are Kelly 25, Kelly 28 and Birkin 30.
  7. I second Greentea on this -- I am very close to your size and I don't carry a lot of things. I have several Kellys in retourne 28 and I love them all as my everyday bags. In box it is lovely. I have a black box retourne 28 that to me is just the perfect bag. I have a 32 retourne that I can't seem to fill up.
  8. Hello MmeBovary,
    I am 4ft10/5ft on good day :P and 90lbs I carry the speedy 25 and a Kelly 32 Retourne. I use both for everyday stuff, to me, the speedy can fit more because of the width and I don't like to stuff my kelly to the brims.
    I went for the 32 as it's a popular size and safe :biggrin: and I was worried that the 28 is too small. It helped when I did try out the 32 kelly retourne at my local H store. I too tried the 27 Bolide and it felt like a toy :sweatdrop: But now, after using the 32 for a while, I do wish for a 28 for day-to-night usage.

    Things in my kelly 32.

    • Klarisse clutch gm for receipts
    • Cellphone
    • Compact Doggon wallet
    • Keys
    • rainkit
    • shoulder straps
    • Agenda GM
    • Lipbalm
    • Candies

  9. Here's a pic of me with my kelly 32 ;)