Buying my first Hermes

  1. Thank you everyone. I sent my son to Vegas and they told him that they don’t have any stock as they are moving soon. I also sent friends to Denver, Chicago and Atlanta. They couldn’t find anything.My SA in Houston doesn’t have any either.
    But the best news is that I am going to London and Paris next month and hopefully i will get my first ever birkin on my 40th birthday. Any tips for those locations???
    Thank you
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  3. I don’t know how others have done, but I had zero luck with a b/k in London and was there buying things for 6 months. Rough. Lol.
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  4. London is a tough place to buy any bag IMHO. Like the poster above (though not for 6 mths!) I do spend time in London and lack of prior history and being a tourist make it really hard to score any bag.
  5. London is a challenge if you are not considered a local or a long time regular (non-resident) customer. I have seen or heard of walk in customers being sold Birkins but it is very, very rare. My SAs know the demand is very high and supply is definitely low. Your best bet is to read the Paris thread and try at the flagship store. Good luck for your birthday gift!