Buying my first Hermes

  1. Hello everyone! I stumbled across this page while trying to google about how to score a birkin. For all you ladies who own it , can you please tell me which city would be best to buy the birkin? I can travel pretty much anywhere in the US. My 40th birthday is coming up and somehow my husband told me to get myself a birkin as the gift. So girls please help me find my first H bag. I am thinking of getting either black or gold in size 30 with ghd in epsom leather. My husband thinks that i should buy from a reseller but i really want to experience it myself. My SF in Houston only has one fuscia in some exotic leather plus as i don’t really shop there often so i think he is not really taking interest. I live in Kansas and we don’t have a Hermes store here.Thanks in advance for all your tips
  2. Hi, welcome to the forum :wave:!

    How exciting that you are looking for your first B.!

    You might want to have a look at this thread, which has tons of advise in it:

    If you do a search in the shopping thread, you can read about different experiences at different locations all over the world:

    There's no golden rule to get a Birkin. Sometimes it comes down to luck, and sometimes it depends on the relationship you have with a certain boutique/SA/SM.
    I would say you can try to get one from a boutique first and if that doesn't work out, you can always decide to go the reseller route ;).

    Good luck, hope you'll find your dream bag soon!
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  3. Thank you ! Will have a look! Do you think calling different stores would help?
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  4. In my experience sadly no, unless you have a long standing relationship with a SA.
  5. From everything I read, best chance for walking into a boutique and buying one without a shopping history would be to go to Vegas.

    Experience wise, establishing a relationship with an SA is your best bet.
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  6. Unfortunately not (you might succeed in asking for other items, but not for a Birkin, Kelly or Constance)
    Unless you have a good relationship with a SA/SM at a certain boutique.
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  7. Thank you.
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  8. If you can go to Paris, you would have a chance. Chanel directed you to the Shopping Forum. Take a look at the Paris thread.
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  9. I can’t really goto Paris. I can fly anywhere in US but it would be hard to leave the kids home for more than 2 days.
  10. Scoring a birkin is a crap shoot pardon the expression & while there is nothing like having the H experience especially for your
    first bag, your husband's idea is not a bad one.
    I might consider sourcing several resellers for the birkin bag. What size & what leather is appealing to you?
    It then will become a process of elimination.
    Not having an existing relationship with a SA can be tough scoring the bag you would like.
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  11. Hey i am actually going to Paris next month to buy my first birkin:$
  12. Congrats! Hope you get your birkin.
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  13. Fingers crossed !! ❤️
  14. I think it would be challenging unless you plan on spending a ton and then asking. I wouldn’t say impossible as the first time I talked to me SA I was offered a black birkin. If you want more than 1 bag i would suggest creating a relationship. Finding an sa who you mesh with. Ive been fortunate to be offered things that don’t match how much i’ve spent bc i found an sa i mesh with.
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  15. Agree with poster above, the best place I guess for a walk-in is Vegas. There is also one poster in the SF thread, she said that she got a B35 as a walk in.
    It is not impossible to get one as a walk in, but chances are pretty slim. Good luck and hopefully you get lucky. Happy birthday!
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