Buying my first Hermes Purse

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am thinking about purchasing my first Hermes Birkins, but not sure what style/color to start with. Also, is it possible to purchase the handbag without paying tax for it ?

    Thank you so much!!!
  2. Hi, kissesmint! Welcome to the H forum.:flowers:

    IMO, when it comes to choosing your first bag's color/size, final decision will come down to several factors - your height, colors in your wardrobe, where you live, etc.

    Personally, I :heart: 35cm size (I am 5'8", BTW) and I LOVE black (as it fits my life - as well as the climate I live in - very well!). I also :heart: gold hardware on my black birkin, but then again, it's my personal preference. Other than black, I would suggest gold (or any other shade of brown).

    As for not paying taxes on your purchase, I've heard that most countries will allow you to get taxes back once you fill out some sort of paperwork upon departing that country. *Perhaps someone else can chime in here.*
  3. Thank you so much Irene :heart:
    I am 5'7'', and is thinking about chestnut brown or red color birkin.
    I live in the US, not sure if I purchase from Hawaii or somewhere else could have avoid the tax on my first birkin ?
  4. I do believe if you live in a state that does not have an H boutique, you do not have to pay taxes.
  5. ^only if it's phone order.
  6. Is there an SA you ladies are familiar with who I can contact about purchasing a Birkins ?

    Thank you!
  7. ^^^ I think it might not be a phone order kind of transaction. Those bags are very popular and the demand is quite high for regular customers. It may be something that you have to procure in person.
  8. yes, this will not be a telephone transaction, unless you go through a reseller. In the shopping section, you will find a list of reputable resellers. You will pay a premium, but you will be able to get bag sooner.

    In hawaii the tax will be a bit over 4%. It is a general excise tax, so no avoiding it. I do not think any Hermes boutique will transact a sale on a birkin or even discuss birkin inventory over the telephone....