Buying my first Hermes bag, and need some help!

  1. Hello all - I'm looking to buy my first Hermes bag, a Garden Party tote - and have several questions. First off, I am no stranger to the brand - I have a number of smaller leather goods, as well as countless neckties etc. I adore the GP - it's such a utilitarian bag, and since I'm going back to school this fall for design, I thought that it would be a great school tote!

    I did some research on the forum, and found some general information about this bag, but was still hoping for a little input and advice.

    Since I'm a guy, I'm interested in the larger size GPs - particularly the MM and the GM - as they seem more believably masculine and utilitarian. I also want the ivory canvas toile with the black leather trim. In addition, I love the bolduc print lining in the attached picture.

    Here are my questions -

    1. The Garden Party in the attached picture - is this the Garden Twilly? My understanding was that the Garden Twilly bag was the all leather version - and only in the smaller sizes (TPM and TTPM).

    2. Does Hermes make the larger MM and GM size totes (in ivory toile / black leather trim) with a printed lining - such as bolduc etc? I am not interested in having a twilly tied to the bag, as that makes it decidedly more femme - so I could simply remove it. However, I like the idea of having the bag lined - it kicks up the luxe appeal a notch or two.

    3. What do we think of the sizes in which I am interested - MM and GM? Is the GM TOO big? I don't want to look like a mother of three who is taking her kids to the beach - but I also don't want the bag to look femme - and would like it to be big enough to carry a good amount of stuff.

    4. Do we think that the bag that I've described is masculine enough - or too femme? My opinion is that it is a similar to those LL Bean totes that everyone carries - men and women - except 1000 times nicer!

    5. Finally, does anyone know the approximate price of an ivory canvas toile / black leather GP - either MM or GM? Also, would a printed lining make the bag a lot more expensive?

    I live in Manhattan and have been playing phone tag with a SA at the Madison Avenue store (Catherine is her name). I'm looking to go into the store next weekend to check out the GPs, but was hoping for some words of wisdom / advice / opinions beforehand. I meant to go today, but the store is closed.

    Thank you in advance for your kind assistance!!
  2. Personally I think the lining makes the bag look femme. IMHO the most masculine version of this bag would be all leather in black or brown, unlined.

    I love the Garden Party and really think it is a great tote. I'm a woman and I would love to have one some day, without lining. I think it is more of a workhorse without the lining. Throwing books, etc. in there I think would be really hard on the lining.

    Good luck... Be sure and show us what you get!
  3. You may be right about the lining - I would have to see it in person to decide, but it could definitely femme it up a bit!
  4. what about a large barenia picotin? that has an old school bag air about it...
  5. 2nd that! great suggestion. plus it will age beautifully.
  6. I know - that is a great suggestion, but I am just head over heels for the Garden Party. Maybe I will look at the Barenia Picotin when I go to the store! Am I already planning out my second bag purchase? I see that this is a very slippery slope!
  7. Myy SA mentioned that Barenia Picotins in larger sizes are not available right now, but A GM Picotin in any leather of color like Ebene would be great!!
  8. Hmmm, I'd skip the Bolduc lining and go for a MM or GM in black or brown canvas with leather trim.
    The GP is such a gret workhorse - prefect for school!
  9. Thanks to all for the advice - I went on a bit of a shopping spree yesterday afternoon - and my first stop was Hermes, where I got my Garden Party bag. I decided to go with the MM in ivory canvas toile with black leather trim. The SA told me that she actually sells just as many of these to men as she does to women. In the end I decided that the MM was the best size for my needs, but in the future I am totally planning on picking up a GM to match. What a great weekend bag it would be!

    Anyway, I documented my purchase with some photos that I thought you might enjoy. Hooray!
    HermesGardenParty1.JPG HermesGardenParty2.JPG HermesGardenParty3.JPG HermesGardenParty4.JPG
  10. Here are the rest of my photos...
    HermesGardenParty5.JPG HermesGardenParty6.JPG HermesGardenParty7.JPG HermesGardenParty8.JPG
  11. Congrats! It's beautiful!!!
  12. Thank you!!
  13. Congrats!!! it's lovely..... I'm actually planning to get one also.... for my next purchase =P can yours carry on your shoulder? or GM ?
  14. You can definitely shoulder the MM - although not as easily during the winter. I actually put a sweater and heavier coat on last night to test it - and was still able to shoulder it. The GM is easier to shoulder - but looks kind of ridiculous (on me) as it is so oversized!