Buying my first Gucci soon...

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  1. I am buying my first Gucci soon, and I want to know what all i need to know about the company. i.e. which bags to stay away from... sales.... that sort of thing...

    Any info would be GREAT!
  2. Well, first of all Gucci have a sale coming in June....
    What do you need the bag for - everyday use? Do you prefer leather or canvas???
  3. IMO an abbey is a great first Gucci... more info please!!
    woohoo first gucci - how exciting.
  4. I was thinking about the medium tote... in the GG fabric. It's under luggage I believe...
  5. I like the abbey medium tote in dark brown or off-white:

    Or you may like the large


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  6. I have this tote, which is $480 and perfect for men. It's considered a classic and to my knowlege has never gone on sale. Comes in the traditional beige as well and is available at most Saks and NM stores:

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  7. I'm sorry, I don't think the abbey would probably work. lol
    One of the guys at work carry this one, and it looks nice.
  8. Yes! That is the one I am planning on buying! But I'm going to get it in the brown.

    Does anyone else ahave that bag?
  9. Nice choice! I'm liking the brown one better though? And great price! :yes:
  10. Yes, I plan to buy the one that Charmed05 put a pic of up. But I am buying it in brown.
  11. ^^Great choice! The brown is awesome and classic Gucci!
  12. does anyone have pics of the abbey large tote, modeled on someone? i'd like to see how long the strap is!

    so sorry, louislover for hijacking your thread!
  13. lol its fine kaye!
  14. by the way, i'm in the same boat as you, i'm looking to buy my first gucci. i'm thinking about the abbey tote in large (the one with the 3 silver rings on the front)

    i bought a gucci tote before but the stitching came apart so i decided to sell it. since then, i haven't had much interest in the brand.

    i'm thinking about buying this bag because i really want a black shoulder bag, and i think $670 USD is a really good price.

    the tote that you're looking it is such a good price! though i'm wondering if it'll go on sale since it's part of the spring/summer collection. :shrugs: