buying my first ever chanel...

  1. I've just been reading the thread but I'm still confused, before when I think of chanel, I'll immediately just picture the one with the flap and the chain link strap. Now I read about the 225 226 227, the jumbo, east/west, PST, GST, medallion, re-issue, etc...???? When I went to the Chanel store, they have no clue about this names because I was told they refer to style numbers instead. It doesn't help that our only Chanel boutique here has very little selection and very few on display. this would be my first chanel bag so I wanted something classic and timeless, is the flap the only one considered classic?

    they showed me a beige caviar tote with gold h/w and a medium lambskin flap with the cc logo. i liked that the tote can hold so much and it's caviar but the flap is really pretty. i am not sure which one to get now. i kinda think that the tote will be nice in black which they can get but only with gold h/w? the size is so practical for everyday use but being it my first chanel, i kinda want the classic style but i'm scared of the lambskin getting scratched i'd be so afraid to use it. they've mentioned that they will be getting some bags in February which include flap with the different lock in caviar, I was told that these are hard to get so she put me on the waitlist. That's not till early next year though so I'm thinking of getting one now before the price increase. which ones are permanent styles? do they ever go on sale? should I go with a flap as my first chanel? should i wait for the other flap in Feb? i'd really appreciate any input.
  2. i think the tote you are talking about is the GST. is a lovely bag. i think black caviar also comes in silver hardware.

    in regards to the flaps, it comes in lambskin as well as caviar. i'll say both the GST and Flaps are classic.

    IMO i will get a flap as your first chanel. you can go for Jumbo caviar flap in black, it holds quite a bit. I'm getting that in 2 days time.

    in terms of hardward the flap definitely comes in silver and gold, i believe this is the same for the GST.

    if you really want the jumbo in caviar maybe you can ask your SA to track one down for you.

    good luck
  3. how big is a jumbo? and i also read somewhere about a double flap? is that different?

    thanks so much!
  4. The black cavier GST does come in silver h/w, I just bought one earlier this week. The jumbo flap in cavier also comes and gold and silver hw. The medium flap has a flap on the inside of the purse so some people refer to it as a double flap. It also comes in silver & gold hardware in cavier. I can't recall the dimensions of the jumbo flap, but if you do a search you can find it as it has been posted in many threads. I suggest you look in the thread where members show their Chanel pictures so you can get a feel for that the various styles look like and can hold.

  5. medium classic and reissue have double flaps. Jumbo does not (that is the diff.)
  6. Thanks everyone for your help. I was at the Chanel store today and SA told me the price will increase on Oct. I have to decide sooner which one to get, it might get really busy at the store this weekend. I saw the medallion tote and liked it also. Now I'm torn between that and the medium caviar flap!
  7. Does that mean all medium classic have double flaps? or it's just an option. I'd like to get a medium flap with gold h/w, does the gold color ever fade away? Thanks:smile:
  8. All medium classics have double flaps, it's not optional.
  9. just an update....

    I liked lambskin with the G/H but I don't want to worry about scratches so .....

    I got the medium classic caviar flap with S/H last Sat.

    My first chanel, it's the classic style and I :heart: it!!!

    Thanks for all your help :smile:
  10. congrates, cant wait for you modelling pics. great choice too.
  11. Congratulations on your first Chanel! You made an excellent choice. Post a modeling pic soon! :smile:
  12. Congrats! Great choice -- I just got the same bag but with gold h/w, it is my first Chanel too!
  13. Congrats on your beautiful new bag!! I have a med caviar flap also, love it. Post pictures - we love pictures!!! Trust me - we can look at the same bags over and over - and never get enough. Plus everyone's bags are special and unique in there own right.:smile: