Buying My First D&B


Mar 22, 2007
Ok, I never thought I would buy one. Just haven't found one I liked (I have bought several Coach though).....until now.:yahoo:

I love the mini bubbles in pink. :heart: I am not sure which bag yet....just cant decide but I am defintely getting the wristlet. Any suggestions on which bag is the cutest (see link in signature).


Leather is Better.
Feb 27, 2007
i absolutely insist you get that pink flap wristlet i LOVE and ADORE the entirety of it. the shape and color! divine!

i think you should go with the double pocket tote myself, i like the shape the best, with the tulip tassle tote in close second, although the straps look a wee bit on the small side!

let us know what you decide!


Whale Tail!
Feb 27, 2006
my favorite one out of those that you've linked are the small tulip mini pink bubbles tassel (hehe, i hope i got it right, cuss that's how i've got it in my head) and i like the credit card wallet. that's cool that you got the wristlet, it's only 45 bucks too, that would be hard to pass up for myself too, good think i've been doing too much shopping and i'm holding myself back. hope you decide which purse to get when you see them in person. that's the ice breaker most of the time. good luck. :smile: best regards!