Buying my first Chanel TOMORROW! WAHOOOO

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  1. Hiya Ladies! I'm normally in the Balenciaga forum but regularly lurk over here in Chanel to drool over your gorgeous bags *waves hello*. I've sold a couple of my Bals and am heading to Chanel in Amsterdam to pop my Chanel cherry!

    I'm particularly after a classic evening bag so am tossing up between Black reissue 226 and Classic Flap with Caviar leather. I know I'll stand in the store (trying to ignore PHH's eye-rolling) trying to decide which one. Ack.

    I'm so excited! Woot!!!! I'll post pics when I'm home! Wish me luck Ladies!!!!
  2. ^^ Yay, Cal!!! Either one you pick is an excellent choice!! Welcome to the Chanel Forum!
  3. Can't wait to see it and hear all about it!!!
  4. Sal,
    :yahoo: feel happy for you.....:yes:
    oh yes them first coz you never know.........i was there few weeks ago...they have a large brown caviar Classic Flap,grey caviar C F and beige C F....and they dont have the black one ,also no reissue :sad: ..........i think you better call them :rolleyes: ,i think by now(i hope)they will have all the classic collections in stock...
  5. :yahoo: excited for you!!! Have fun!
  6. Welcome!!!!!! Please don't forget to post a picture - Congrats!
  7. congrats!! Hope you have fun and enjoy your Chanel experience!!
  8. Yay! How exciting!:yahoo: Can't wait to see the pics of your new purchase.
  9. awwwwwwwwwww :wlae::wlae: Congrats in Advance :biggrin:

    cant wait for pic's 2 be posted :biggrin:
  10. Thanks Ladies, I'm really excited. I'm a bit concered that I'll have difficulty deciding on a bag and I'm worried that my poor PHH will lose the will to live. Can I get two? Can I? Can I?
  11. Aww definitely Cal! Get them both if you can't decide and don't forget to post some pictures! We'll be waiting... =)
  12. do it!! get both! then i can live vicariously through you... i have none :sad:
  13. Nice to see you here Cal!! Welcome to your new home ;)

    I cant wait to hear which one you picked, both are great choices so youre going to come home with a great new baby!
  14. cal, welcome to the chanel forum!!!
    i can't wait to see which bag you end up with!
  15. Hi Cal,

    Let us know what you get and post some pics.

    I'll check back.