Buying my first Chanel - please help!

  1. I have decided that a Chanel purse is what is missing in my life. :yes: :heart: But here in Sweden, there are no Chanel to be found at all. So, I would be extremely grateful if any of you experts could help a beginner like me to find internet pages with a lot of Chanel? Are there any trustable eBay-sellers with a wider range, or something like that?

    I have not at all decided what kind of bag I want, so plenty of pictures of all different models and colours etc is what I need.

    (Excuse me if this have been discussed 245462 times before..)
  2. this is asked probably a dozen times/week.
    I suggest you start my going through our Reference Library to start.
    It's actually FAR more comprehensive than any other place on the web.