Buying my first Chanel for my b-day!!!

  1. Hi, its my b-day today!!! I'm a very clutzy person, and it's my birthday today...this morning I was walking down the stairs and I had my head in front of me, not looking down, and I fell over the last 4 steps and onto the floor getting a big cut, which forced me to go to the hospital and have painful stitches done on my b-day. (That was earlier today, today's my b-day!!) My birthday hasn't been going very well so far, so I am treating myself to my very first Chanel!! I was just wondering if anyone could give me some authentic eBay sellers, or if I should purchase a flapbag, a cambon, or a vintage Chanel. (I was thinking maybe a pink flapbag, or a vintage one.)
  2. wow!!...happy birthday mcb100....
  3. thanks. I'm so happy. (Besides the big white bandages wrapped around my knee) I've been having the Chanel bug. (I think, dream, and live for Chanel.) I can't wait to buy my first Chanel, I just need a few references, or authentic sellers as I typed above.
  4. Ouch that must have really hurt. And worse its on your birthday. But how exciting, your getting a Chanel. I am not to sure of a list, but if you look on eBay and find one you like you can post it in "authenticate this" in the chanel shopping section. BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :party: :balloon:
  5. so sorry for the incident
    anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!well, it's still 11.15 here:smile:

    i would love to get flap as my 1st chanel!!or a PST:smile:
  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you are feeling better now. I saw the pink classic bowler, pink small shoulder bag, and pink medallion tote, and may be even a pink flap at Saks beverly hills yesterday.
  7. Happy Birthday! :party:
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :yahoo:
  9. Happie Birthday! Hope your leg recovers soon!! :yes:
  10. happy birthday !!!!sorry about the accident...
  11. happy b-day and congrats on whatever you get
  12. happy birthday!
  13. Happy birthday! I'm looking for my first Chanel too! I'm too concerned with getting a fake bag to buy it off eBay, but let me know how it goes for you.
  14. Happy birthday! hope u get better soon! sure the chanel bag will make u feel better!:p Im gettin my first chanel bag as well.. i tihnk u should just pick somthin u are crazy about:yes: Good luck!