Buying my first Chanel flap in SF this weekend...

  1. I know this has been asked before, but I still want to get your opinion which bag should I get for my first Chanel. I have been following this forum for the last week and I am getting convinced that I want to get either the Medium Classic in Black Caviar with Gold H/W or the East/West bag in Black Caviar with Gold H/W. I'll definitely be going home with a Chanel bag after my trip to SF this Sat. So please ladies help me decide. I don't think I'll be investing on anymore Chanels soon, so this may be my only Chanel *crossing fingers*.

    I will appreciate if you can give me answers to the following:

    1. Medium Classic in Black Caviar with Gold chain or East/West in Black Caviar with Gold chain
    2. Is it easy to maintain the gold hardware? Or does the gold fade/chip over time? I think this won't be too obvious with the silver hardware.
    3. Did the very first classic flap came in caviar leather and with gold hardware?
    4. How long is the chain on the medium classic? You can wear it with single or double chain right?
    5. Is the inside color of the medium classic in caviar black instead of the red in lambskin?
    6. Anyone have comparison pics of these 2 bags?

    Thank you ladies! I am still drooling at your collection pics. U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E-!!!
  2. i would say, if you can, get the classic flap in medium.... the e/w is really small and is good for a night out but if u want it to be more versatile, you will have more space with the medium... and yes you can wear the medium as a double or single chain. i personally prefer it as a double chain. HTH!

    Remember to post pictures!!!
  3. Thanks Jeshika! Is it comfortable to carry the medium classic as a clutch? Can you hide the chain inside the bag?
  4. Hey there! I think that you will have an amazing time in SF this weekend- I LOVE the Chanel in SF (as opposed to the NM, where I've had awful service even though I've spent thousands of $$$ there). I recommend Cari Park for her amazing service. Very patient and knowledgeable.

    And to answer some of your questions:

    I do believe that the "first" Chanel bags were black lambskin with gold hardware? Someone correct me, but I think that gold is THE hardware color for coco chanel. And I do not think that the gold hardware would chip over time- however, if it did I'm sure you could get it fixed. However, I have a bag from the 80s with gold hardware and it looks fine.

    I love the east west bag, so I am a little biased but I also do own my fair share of Chanels. I think that you should go with the medium because it is a perfect starter Chanel. :biggrin:
  5. Thanks x joie! I will ask for Cari when I go. I have more gold accessories and I personally think that gold goes with everything even silver, so that is my first choice.
  6. I just got the medium classic in black caviar with gold h/w. I originally planned to get the east-west, but after comparing both in person, I liked the shape of the medium classic on me better. Like you, I think this might be my one and only Chanel, so I wanted it to be a classic! If I get something else down the road... maybe an east-west in a fun color. ;)

    Yes, the inside of the medium classic in black caviar is black, not red.

    Good luck!
  7. Congratulations on your upcoming new purchase!

    I have the medium flap in black, silver h/w and have an EW flap on the way to me, so I can't compare just yet.

    For your first bag I would say the medium flap is ideal - it's a great size and more useful for day-to-day use. I like the chain doubled up best, and to my knowledge I can't really see a way to tuck the chain into the bag completely. The interior is black.
  8. Another rec. for Cari Park @ CHANEL! She is fabulous.

    If you want the flap, do it now. She called to say watches go up on Friday and classics go up on November 1.

    I think the classic flap is a great bag. I have the jumbo and it is fantastic. Great first piece.
  9. i prefer the medium classic, if you're getting one and only one chanel, you CANNOT go wrong with a black medium classic flap. the epitome of chic and classy ;) The e/w fits a little bit less and looks a bit too dressy for daily use, whereas the medium classic transitions from day to night with ease!
  10. I'm contemplating between the two also, but with silver hardware. I'm leaning toward classic flap.

    Can you wear the east/west with double chain or is it only single chain?
  11. ^ it's just a single chain
  12. thank you all! I am also leaning on getting the classic. I think the size fits me better and really a good first and maybe only Chanel bag. Mikan can you post pics of your bag pls?
  13. Hi Roussel I agree with what the ladies have suggested:Get the med/large in G/H you can't go wrong with such a classic piece :yes:!Keep us posted!:smile:
  14. Roussel, here are some quick pics I took this morning. I haven't taken her out for a spin yet, so she still has her tag on her (I tried to hide it in the photos). Let me know if you want pics of anything in particular!
    IMG_7681.jpg IMG_7682.jpg IMG_7686.jpg IMG_7687.jpg
  15. I initially liked the e/w but after comparing it with the medium, I much prefer the perfect proportions of the medium/large :heart: I also think you can carry a bit more with the medium and you can use it day or night :smile: