1. I am buying my first ever brand new Balenciaga bag from Balenciaga NY. I know which bag I want - black part time with GGH, and I was simply wondering if there is anything I need to know before I do order it? Should I describe what type of leather I want? (thick, wrinkled and chewy, uniform in wrinkles) Should I ask for pictures before hand? (I don't know, I guess they send you pictures of the bag you're waiting for???) Should I ask for a different SA???? HELP, please, I have waited so long for this moment haha, I just want everything to be as close to perfect as possible. :tup:
  2. you should definitely ask about the leather if you have anything specific in mind. just ask any questions you have if you want it to be exactly what you're looking for.
  3. I have that exact bag! Make sure to ask about the leather and see if you can get pics beforehand. The SAs are used to questions about leather, so they'll be able to guide you.
  4. When I ordered my Mogano City from BalNY over the phone I had Kim help me. I was VERY specific about what I wanted as far as the leather....super smooth, not distressed and when she arrived, she was PERFECT and just what I asked for :yes:
  5. Do your homework on what kind of leather you want. I didn't and when I bought my first one and really wish I would have! Also, order extra tassles right away. They're $5!
  6. I definitely am buying a part-time for my next Bbag. Yes, do speak to Kim and tell her exactly what you want. That way, you come closer to getting just the perfect bag. By your telling them, if they have 2 or 10 of that same style and color, they can choose which one of them fits your criteria best.
    Good luck and be sure to post pics when you get her!!
  7. does anyoen know how i can call BalNY from australia??? i don't knwo the dial out code for america and i'm an internet spaz so i can't seem to find it on google .....:shame:
  8. Try this...I think it should work for you...

    0011 1 212 206 0872