Buying my first Balenciaga bag

  1. I'll be buying my first balenciaga bag this coming week in Paris!! Does anyone recommend where to buy? Should I go to the boutique or another place? Does anyone know if it's cheaper to buy there or UK then here in the states?

    Lastly, I'm constantly debating whether or not I should buy the GIANT Hardware WORK or Regular Work. I'm not sure what color either! I want to also use it as a diaper bag since I'll be having my 2nd little one on the way. WHAT COLOR SHOULD I GET???HELP!

    Do you guys think the GIANT HARDWARE will be a limited edition or will it just phase out? SO regular or giant??? COLOR??? HELP!
  2. g luck on ur first purchase. i would say that i like the RH better, but that depends ont he colour u want, some bags looks great too in GH.

    as for colour, if u're using it as a diaperag adn babies involved, i would suggest something in darker tone?
  3. The RH is MUCH lighter, so if you're wanting to use it as a diaper bag I would definitely choose that. Hard to say what color.. are you wanting a neutral that will match everything or something fun and vibrant? How about Vert Gazon, the grass green color? Or perhaps Sandstone if you want a nice neutral that won't show dirt. Hopefully something will call out to you once you're in the boutique. Have fun!
  4. Thanks for your input. Is the regular that much lighter? I just want to make sure that the GH won't be a special limited edition or something.
  5. We're not sure exactly at this point how long GH will be available but it's coming out in SILVER next season so it will at least be available throughout the year. I have three GH bags and they are significantly heavier than the RH. I certainly don't mean to dissuade you from GH if that's what you want--I LOVE these bags! I personally would choose something else for my diaper bag but that's just me.
  6. The RH is much lighter, yes. And it seems to me like the GH won't be in the stores forever? I don't think anyone has talked about this yet, good question.
  7. If you're looking for inspiration from another bbag user with baby, how's this? (Although I wouldn't be sure that Katie uses hers as a diaper bag)
  8. Do you really want to use a non-shoulder-bag as a diaper bag? Just doesn't sound very convenient to me when you need as many hands free as possible w/a baby.
  9. There're several options to buy Bals in Paris.. There's a store called Kabuki that has Bal bags for 5 euro cheaper :p But other than that Printemps, BOn Marche and the B boutique are pretty much the same. Printemps has a much bigger selection than Bon Marche (at least when I was there), but you should always pay the B boutique a visit as well :smile: It's cheaper in PAris than .. say.. London. Definitely!
  10. You may want to check out the Courier if you plan to use it as a diaper bag. It's roomy and can be worn as a cross-body. I plan to get one to use as a carry-on for my kids and I.
  11. As a diaper bag, I recommend getting a dark color (truffle, cafe, or black) work with gold hardware. The GH is really unique and looks great against a dark background. Enjoy your new purchase!
  12. My opinion is RH too as it is lighter as compared to GH and i used RH WE as a diaperbag and it lessen the overall wt if you are stuffing lots of for colors, i would suggest darker colors too at least u won't be concerned abt dirtyin the bag....:smile:
  13. I agree I have 3 little ones under 5 and I agree that a diaper bag is best BIG and can be worn across the body, you dont want to be hand carrying a bag full of nappies (trust me!). I love GH but not for a diaper bag, I think a courier is perfect but if not that then a day. Then you can treat yourself to a GH bag for your lovely things and not nappy wipes! :roflmfao:
  14. Oh and I forgot to say that I agree it should be a dark colour too, black or dark brown would be best as it will take a beating!