buying my 1st WOC :)

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What should I buy?

  1. Black lambskin classic quilted WOC

  2. Black caviar classic double C WOC (envelope?)

  3. Brilliant black patent WOC

  4. Brilliant red patent WOC

  5. Wait and see what comes out in the next season

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  1. Brilliant Patent is $1910 (BUT when i went in Chaddy only had red not black and when I rang last night they had none at all just the classics!)
    Classic quilted lamskin is $2230
    Classic caviar double c is $2090
    They get the new stock in mid-late oct but dont know what WOCS r coming in....
  2. I think it is expensive for a small purse. But it great classic look and useful, so it is worth the price.

    I am from Australia too. Will post the picture when I get it.
  3. have u tried ebay? im watching some great wocs at good prices ;)
    Collins st had more the red and black patent woc last time i checked so maybe better to go there then chaddy
  4. i live in NT, just came back from Melbourne.
    I like classic Quilted, but Collins ST. didnt have any classic in Caviar.
    Now i am waiting for my friend to get back from Paris. If she cant get the WOC i want, then I will order one from Sydney:smile: