buying my 1st WOC :)

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What should I buy?

  1. Black lambskin classic quilted WOC

  2. Black caviar classic double C WOC (envelope?)

  3. Brilliant black patent WOC

  4. Brilliant red patent WOC

  5. Wait and see what comes out in the next season

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey everyone! I'm looking at getting my 1st Chanel and my hubby has told me he will buy me one with his tax return money (aus$2500). I want a bag that can be an everyday bag for errands, shopping and also transform into a evening bag for dinners and parties.
    Now I have a few questions....
    1. Besides a WOC is there anything else I could get?
    2. As far as durability goes I know lambskin is the most delicate but what's the go with patent vs caviar?
    3. How bad is the fingerprint problem with the black patent? do u have to clean it daily?

    I really appreciate any advice u have!
  2. I voted Red Patent. It is both sporty and can translate into evening. It's durable, won't shoe fingerprints and fairly carefree.

    There are TONS of thread comparing the different Chanel leathers. You may want to try a Search to check them out.
  3. I got the cc Caviar with gold hw a few weeks ago and I can safely say it is my favourite bag that i have got in the last while ..Love it more than my Birkins..!!!!! Go for it you wont regret it..!!
  4. Black caviar classic double C WOC! :biggrin:
  5. Im interested to know the results!
  6. Patent black WOC! I love how shiny patent is :nuts:
  7. Black caviar !
    X won't go wrong
  8. Paten Black WOC. I have a Patent Black Wallet and I love it to death!!!It's easy to care as well ;)
  9. Patent Red
    Black Quilted CC WOC in Caviar (not on your list)
    Black Caviar east/west pouchette (not on your list)
  10. Red Patent!! Such a eye catching WOC!
  11. Cav double cc WOC. or Lamb classic quilted WOC.
  12. I voted for the caviar double cc envelope WOC but would highly recommend the classic quilted caviar WOC if you can find it.
  13. Yeah when i 1st went in I liked the lambskin classic quilted one but didnt want lambskin because im going to wear it sooo much. i thought the caviar one was too casual to dress up. So ATM im thinking for going for patent...
    Yeah in Melbourne (australia) thats all the WOCS they have atm!
  14. Love patent! I plan on making a patent WOC my next purchase :smile:
  15. PG, may I enquire the cost at the moment for the patent WOC (@ Chadstone?)