Buying my 1st Gucci and need your help ladies

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  1. Good Morning Everyone!

    I am so happy ;) this is my first time on here posting anything . I'm going to be buying the new Gucci Joy Boston bag this weekend, you know that purse that everyone is talking about. I had read that I can get 10% off this bag is that true?:confused1: I live in the San Jose, Ca.

    Please let me know Ladies
    Thanks ..... Valerie :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Welcome!

    No sales until June, unfortunately. The 10% off was in November for a special shopping day/promotion. Everything is full price now.

    The Joy Boston is super cute!
  3. I haven't heard of 10% sale but would love to know if there is a sale.
  4. Belated welcome, Val! I don't know anything about a 10% discount at the Gucci store. Are you going to the one on Santana Row? I miss the Bay Area since I moved to Chicago! Luckily there are plenty of shops on Mich. Ave. to keep me busy.

    Best of luck getting your bag (if you haven't found it already)!
  5. Thank You Ladies ....... I Cant Wait For This Saturday !