Buying Muse & Celine Cladestine for less (F&F events)

  1. For anyone interested in getting YSL/Celine handbags for less:

    Today is the last day of Saks' F&F Event (20% off). Brand inclusion/exclusion varies from store/location to store/location; to find out the exact details, you should ring up your local Saks. YSL & Celine are included at Saks in Beverly Hills California (310.275.4211).

    You can ask your local Nordstrom to match Saks' offer, give the SAs the number to Saks in BH (confirm YSL/Celine are included in the offer). Nordstrom in San Diego CA (Fashion Valley Mall) and Seattle WA both carry YSL.

    Nordstrom San Diego: 619.295.4441 ext 1250 (ask for Joseph)
    Nordstrom South Coast Plaza: 714.957.3604 (ask for Marty)

    Updated info on YSL price match:
    YSL stores were told by YSL Corporate yesterday not to price match this offer, therefore, SAs are not allowed to give the discount; SAs have received many calls from clients on Saks' F&F. If you are interested in getting Muse at discounted price, you should try Nordstrom.

    Bloomingdale's F&F event (run through Sunday 4/30) does not exclude any brands (handbags department in Southern CA, I'm not sure about other departments/locations) -- I can only speak for Southern California, check for other locations. You can get 20% off any brand that's sold there: Chloe, Fendi, Ferragamo, D&G, Marc Jacobs (also Marc by Marc), Moschino, Luella, Burberry, DKNY, Kooba, Longchamp, Cole Haan, Coach, Juicy, Aqua, Furla, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Fracesco B, .....

    Again & again, I'm only relaying info given by SAs here, offers can vary from store to store. Good luck everyone. -)
  2. Available for preorder on Muse Oversized Zip Top Bag for $1295

    Chocolate: Expected ship date is no later than May 9th
    Nero/Black: September 2nd
    Oak: September 2nd
    Red: September 2nd

    Enter monthly promotion code (SHOPAPRIL, SHOPMAY) for 10% off.
  3. Thanks! I wonder if the fall black is different from the current black. I also wonder what the oak looks like????
  4. Great info!!! I got the large Muse in gold today from Nordstrom Fashion Valley. They still have bags in brown, bronze, black, white, and I think green... Definitely give Joseph a call if you're interested!
  5. Are the brown,white and green oversize or large size?THANKS...:biggrin:
  6. I'm quite postive that the leather ones are Large/Oversize. I'm not sure about the ones made with linen or other materials.

    I got my Medium White for $876 ($1095 - 20%) + tax. I asked Joseph to look for Medium Chocolate/Black for me, but SD & Seattle Nordy's are out of Medium. They get more of Large/Oversize (more popular).

    When you call & inquire about Muse, be sure to go by the price. SAs confuse the Medium with the Large. For regular buffalo leather, Medium is $1095, Large is $1195, Oversize is $1295.

    Thanks to Wickedassin's referral, I have another great SA on my list. =) Joseph is very nice and helpful, I highly recommend him. Marty from Nordy's SouthCoastPlaza is super-nice too, but YSL is not sold there (YSL boutique in mall).

    Good luck. =)
  7. For anyone who's interested in Marc Jacobs Patent Mini-Bowler in Midnight, Nordy's South Coast Plaza has some. I saw 2 on the floor.
  9. If anyone has problems with price-matching Celine Cladestine, you can call Nordstrom South Coast Plaza & ask for Pam. I bought my Cream Cladestine from her, she already called & confirmed on Friday (that Celine's included). If Pam forgets, you can tell her that you are referred by a client of hers who just bought a Cream one a few days ago (she should remember).

    I don't remember all the colors/sizes, plus, they might have some in the back. These are the ones I saw on the floor (no powder/blush):
    Large (pockets on the side) in Luggage
    Medium (no pockets on side, just front) in Cream/Luggage/ Black
    Small (size of evening bag) in ??

    Some members mentioned getting some Chloe bags (with discount of course) from Marty (SCP store), not sure if he's in today. If he's not & another SA asks, give the number to Bloomingdale's in NY (Newport Beach store doesn't carry Chloe). Nordy's SCP: Chloe Edith in Chamois, Paddington Satchel in Chocolate/Black, lots of zippies, pockets, betty, ....

    Good luck...
  10. Yay, congrats on the Medium White!! :love: