Buying Miu Miu in Singapore

  1. Hi there girls!

    Would any of you know whether or not it's worthwhile to buy Miu Miu in Singapore? I saw this clutch bag that I absolutely adore but I'm not sure whether or not the prices in Singapore are considered "decent"! I know it costs about GBP179 (it's the black/silver pleated clutch with a wristlet that has 4 buckles) but I forgot to check the price in the stores here.

    Hope you could help!
  2. is that price the official retail price? i've always been tempted to order from diabro but i think in the end the savings aren't much (since shipping isn't foc at diabro). between ordering blind and getting it direct from the store - better the latter. unless the discount on diabro is too good to pass up.
  3. Hmmm, it's not on the diabro site actually. I saw it in the local store - called them up today & they said it was retailing for SGD540. I have it on reserve now.. GBP179 is the price I saw online, & I read somewhere that it retailed for USD377 as well.. so after doing the maths the prices are about the same.

    I'm not sure what the % difference is for the bigger bags though, so I'm just curious.
  4. oh yes i was using diabro as reference. is the style seasonal? there's a chance they'd go on sale but i really don't have the info on when the sales start and what styles would go on clearance.
  5. i'm not sure.. it's part of the pleated series so i'm guessing that it is seasonal? i'm not sure when the sales start either but i know that the store only has 3 pieces!

    *groan* i think i'm just going to buy it..! birthday & christmas treat to myself, plus i can't go wrong with black!

    here's a picture of it..
  6. that's nice! plisse range, i gather? how long can they stretch the reserve period for you? if only we are *fren-fren* with the staff :p i can't bear to pay full price ever since i got a YSL bag at half price during the great singapore sale :lol:
  7. i don't think they can stretch it! you know our local sales staff... either extremely helpful, or extremely unhelpful! :confused1: when i asked who i should look for when i go to the shop she told me to just approach anyone & tell them about my reservation. thought she would just tell me to look for her directly!
  8. I think it is worthwhile to buy in SG, considering the following advantages:-
    - you get your bag on the spot (vs waiting for a week when ordering overseas)
    - the price in SG is about the same as when you buy overseas (after you add shipping, government tax, higher exchange rate difference when you use a credit card)

    I noticed the price is really attractive in SG for MiuMiu. Worth considering!
  9. well, it's really hard and sometimes not fair to measure their CS when we're not in their shoes. i was in retail ops before. yes, most customers would want to refer to just the shop manager/sup or a salesperson readily so you likely get more personable and instant service. for generic services, if they already have a good recording/tracking system, there shouldn't be any hiccups. communications amongst people do break down inevitably, unfortunately.. the staff could still have given you her name but no guarantee she''ll be on duty when you come by. no one staff should be too indispensible, else the shop manager/sup will die from exhaustion :sweatdrop:
  10. i bought the clutch! thinking up a name for her but she's one heckuva secksi bag! pictures coming soon!
  11. yay - congrats! modelling pics too yah?! :yes:
  12. in a couple of weeks i have a wedding to attend! i hope it matches my outfit!! then i'll post up modelling pics