Buying mens wallet soon.. need help

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  1. Hi all, making my first post in this lovely forum.

    I am going to buy a men's wallet soon, and have narrowed my choices down to the following 2. I would thus appreciate any suggestions that any of you might have;)

    1) Epi Leather 6 CC Billfold Black
    -Small Size
    -2 extra card slots
    -nice leather texture
    -Only one bill slot (not good when travelling and the need arises to organize currency)
    -Card slots are vertical, and looks quite unconventional.
    -Made in Spain (no offense to those who have items made in Spain, but as this is my first LV piece, I would like to have it made in France).

    2) Taiga Leather 6 CC Billfold Grey
    -2 Bill Slots
    -Card slots in the conventional, horizontal manner
    -Made in France
    -No extra card slots, and I may have to squeeze 2 cards into one slot on certain occasions. I have heard that doing so would damage the leather
    -The texture is very plain, and not as beautiful as Epi.

    I actually have a stronger desire for the Epi due to the leather used, but would appreciate any suggestions from the helpful members in TPF. Thanks a million!
  2. I think the Epi wallet would be better. I bought my BF an Epi billfold w/ 6 card slots over 2 yrs ago. I take a peek at it every now and then to look at the condition of the wallet. It is nearly perfect! Almost no wear at all!

    **Have you thought about waiting for the Damier Graphite billfolds? Those are beautiful. Thinking about surprising BF with that wallet next year!
  3. I totally agree about the Damier Graphite wallets. One member here has the Damier Graphite wallet with coin pocket and it's GORGEOUS!

    Link to thread:
    Graphite! My new wallet!

    But out of the ones you listed, I would also choose the Epi. Best of luck.
  4. Hi all, thanks for the opinions!

    The Damier Graphite is real hot, but unfortunately its more expensive than either the Taiga 6CC or Epi 6CC due to the styles the Damier Graphite wallets come in (the multiple and 4CC with coin pocket).

    Additionally, I'm looking for a discreet wallet.
  5. my bf has taiga for long time.. and the shiny part is almost out.. like leather glaze is off. It does look very good for mens wallet but in long term i will get epi
  6. I'd also go for Taiga! Good luck!
  7. Have you checked out the new Damier Graphites?
    OH MY is TDF!!!!
  8. Epi.
  9. Buy them both!
  10. Taiga !
  11. omg! i have the same dilemma!

    need to get the a hubby a wallet very soon for his birthday, and these two are my top choices as well.

    i'm leaning towards the epi. i actually prefer its unconventional look over taiga... the graphite would be nice, but he's usually against logos on his stuff.

    do you guys think the epi isn't that masculine?
  12. I would go for epi too:tup:
  13. I'd go for Epi. I just love the Epi line so much. Also you can think about the Graphite, it's so gorgeous.
  14. Get Graphite... you will nv regret! :biggrin:
  15. I like the taiga a little better, but it seems that you love the epi. I'd go for the epi, then!