buying matching bags?

  1. I'm thinking of buying my younger sisters matching Speedys (probably the 25 or 30 mono, not my type of bag, I think it's cute for them. Plus they like the bag). Does this sound weird/like a waste to anyone? They both go to school, live in the same house. But they don't hang out together that much.

    I've bought them matching bracelets and matching Prada bags before. (They were a bit annoyed with the matching Prada bag thing, but they both carry their purses!)

    We're not really into sharing in my family. I'll sometimes let my mom borrow something or my sisters borrow a dress, but I don't think they share anything between them.

    I don't think they will carry the bag at the same time, but I think it's kind of cute when my youngest sister and I wear the same shoes or the same shirt. We don't have the same style. We don't wear head-to-toe the same thing, but when I really like a particular style, I tend to buy in bulk :nuts: which means one will end up as a present for my sister....

    Does anyone else do this? Maybe with their best friend? Or am I just weird?
  2. Aww no I think that'd be cute! If they're concerned about them looking too alike, maybe they can put a bag charm or something on it to distinguish which bag belongs to whom.
  3. That's really sweet of you to buy them such a nice bag. They are lucky to have such a thoughtful sister too. As far as the bag goes, maybe an LV for both but in two different styles? I can understand how they wouldn't want to share it, when I was younger my mom or dad had to buy my brother and I two of everything...not handbags LOL, but like game consoles and cd players.
  4. What a sweet sister!
  5. You are such a sweet sister! I also started buying purses for my sister! lol! Anyways back to topic, what about if you choose 2 different styles. Maybe they will not liek it that you get them the samething. But you are so sweet! They should feel soo happy to have a sis like you!
  6. I was just going to write that too. I think it'll give them each a distinguishing touch to each bag and won't make them feel 'too-alike'. You sound like a great gift-giver though! :yes:
  7. my bestfriend and i used to buy matching bags....not anymore since we had a falling out :crybaby:
  8. i know you said they dont like sharing but if you bought them different bags they could swap sometimes.
    i do love the speedy idea though, i :heart: my mono 30 so much
  9. You said they where a bit annoyed at the matching prada bags so I wouldn't do it. It is a wonderful thought on your behalf!
  10. how about 1 damier speedy and 1 mono speedy???
  11. I thinkk that'd be really cute actually, and you're just too sweet - I need a sister like you ! :graucho:
  12. If they didn't like the matching Prada bags, how will they feel about matching LVs? I like Rica's idea: 1 Damier and 1 Mono.
  13. How about getting them one damier and one azur speedy each?
  14. i agree with those above--get same style, different sweet of you!
  15. ^^I agree with couturecreature and mickloisme. One in Damier Ebene and one in Damier Azur!