Buying Make-Up online in Europe

  1. Does anybody have recommendations for me?

    I'm especially looking for a shop that sells MAC products as the closest store is a 2h drive away from me here in Germany :push:
  2. MAC can be ordered by phone!
    z.B. Breuninger or MAC pro store Köln :tup:
  3. I read that MAC will be available in October on the website, but I dunno how true that is...
  4. ah, yes, you´re right! From the end of october... probable
  5. thanks for getting back to me about that :tup:

    seriously?!?!? I was at my local Douglas the other day, but they don't stock MAC :rolleyes: so I asked them whether it was available for online or telephone order and they said no! :nogood: lol, asking the rubbish bin would have been just as helpful :p
  6. dougletten :sick:
  7. Have you looked at they dont sell MAC but they do have other makeup brands.
  8. SAs are often clueless it seems. I got my info from a MAC Cosmetics group board. Let's see if it's right, but I'm glad that I have 3 MAC counters to choose from (if only there was a Pro shop in Vienna haha)
  9. Noon, thanks for the link, I didn't know that site yet :tup:

    ugh, I know, I don't go in there if I can help it :p lol, usually I just "sniff" around, pester them for samples and then buy somewhere cheaper :graucho: it's pretty much one of my least fav store around. let's wait for october then.

    with the dollar so low I'm really tempted to order from the US at the moment, but then there's customs fear again :rolleyes: it's so hard to be(come) beautiful ;)
  10. Kittie LaRoche, the Douglas store in my town said they would order MAC products from a Douglas store that carries it, if I knew exactly what color I am looking for. So maybe just ask another SA... Good luck :flowers:

    Ugh, it's so frustrating living in Germany sometimes :tdown:
  11. i def. will double-check this with another SA :tup:

    seriously, it's frustrating, I'm living in Hagen which is headquarter city of Douglas and you'd think they have better service/stock here, but they don't :rolleyes: