buying LV with Macy's gift cards?

  1. macy's where i live doesn't have LV but i heard the ones in NY do. i have their gift cards and in my brilliant mind i thought maybe i could call and order macy's in NY and buy LV! is that possible? first of all, do LV in macy's accept gift cards, and second, can i call to order?

    if anyone knows the exact location of macy's that have LV would be appreciated too.

  2. I tried to do this myself. Macy's told me I could not use my gf over the phone, that I must do that in person for lv products. Maybe it varies from store to store. To find locations visit and search by state and city.:smile:
  3. good to know! i searched the board and found that the one in herald square has LV. i'll call and find out. thanks!
  4. but i don't think they accept phone order, but you can try

    macy has louis vuitton in Newyork, but the tax is very high there almost 9%,
  5. hmmm, can you use the gift card on line? Seems like you should be able to....bummer if you can't.
  6. you are right! ugh so so sad... :sad:
  7. yes, Macys Herald square will ship to you, however I think you will need to send the gift card to them first so they can apply it. Call and speak with Andrea, she is very helpful. Good Luck
  8. Are you serious??

    My mom can get Macy's gift cards for 20% off....

    Good to know....
  9. I know you can use the gc in person at LV - I've used mine at the Minneapolis store.
  10. i've called and they said i could only use the gift cards in person. you can phone order but in that case i won't be able to use the gift cards. i need to make a trip out to NY! lol.
  11. How many Macys carry Louis Vuitton, anyone know?

    Thanks. :flowers:
  12. Ooo, great post! I have a Macy's Visa and I joined their "Thanks for Sharing" program - for $25, I get 10% off all my Macy's purchases until the end of the year, in addition to any other discounts (such as the extra 15% or 20% off promotions they frequently have). I will have to call to see if this 10% discounts includes charges from Macy's in other regions!
  13. i think it's only the main macys in nyc.....
  14. :nuts: wow - I had no idea. I remember trying to do that at Bloomie's on Lexington and them telling it wasn't possible. It might've been Bloomie's policy only, but I just assumed that stores that house LV enforce a targeted git card policy on certain luxury goods. :shrugs:

    Great info ! :yes:
  15. Were you able to get the percent off of your Louis Vuitton purchases during the program?