Buying LV w/o tax: where or which state

  1. hello,
    i wanna buy a lv bag but i do not want to pay tax or shiopping or handling..which state or where can i go to buy it w/o those? i'm in california. i thought about eluxury but i know they charge tax to be delivered to california. thx
  2. None except Eluxury and unfortunately you're in California (Tennessee also)
  3. one of the downfalls of living in CA definitely. :oh: if it wasn't for this tax thing, i would buy from elux and not the boutiques. haha. perhaps you know of someone who could buy from elux (outside of CA + TN) and ship to you for cheaper?
  4. Any Saks will do a charge send and if you tell them its a gift they won't charge tax. I've done this many many times.
  5. Oregon has 0% sales tax..
  6. If I'm not mistaken, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon are sales tax free?
  7. :nuts: I think I have some calls to make! i WILL have a Pomme agenda if it's the last thing I buy (and it just might be!)

    Thank you John!!!!!!!!!!