Buying LV purse in Europe

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  1. My friend is going to Europe and I want to ask her to get me an LV purse, since i heard that it's cheaper.

    Can someone tell me how it works?
    Generally, how much $ i can save?
    Does she have to get in line?
    Address of the outlet, etc

    anything helps..

  2. i didn't know there is an LV outlet in Europe.. Sorry I'm not much help. :sweatdrop:
  3. Hi there are no outlets in europe nor the rest of the world. But there will be a price difference and tax refund. You are just better going on and getting the addresses of the stores there for her. Hope that helps
  4. Yes, get the addresses for her online. She'll purchase the bag for the full price and LV will give her some VAT (tax) refund documents that she'll have to show customs in departing airport prior to check-in. She has to bring her passport along to LV in order for them to do the VAT refund papers. Once she has checked in at the airport there will be a VAT refund counter from where she will receive the refunded VAT. (VAT can be anywhere from 8 -20%).

    Check out this link

    Hope this helps.