Buying LV petit noe epi - help with colors!!

  1. Hi, I am new to all this but I need help on buying the petit noe in epi - they are darn gorgeous!!

    I am in between:
    Black (still around in stores)

    and the kenyan fawn (discontinued - relased way back in the 1985!!)

    TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!! - I'm really undecided :push:
    see the pictures:

    kenyan fawn (below)

    black (below)
  2. I'd choose the black!
  3. I say go for the fawn simply b/c it's discontinued whereas the black will probably always be around in stores - You can pick that up later if you decide you need two :p. The fawn is a gorgeous netrual color that will go will most anything and will a POP! of color with your outfits.
  4. I have and love the black.
  5. I vote for black too, it' more versatile IMO. I have it and I love it!
  6. i have the black epi noe and i love it. it goes with any outfit
  7. Black got my vote! Just saw it today and it's a beauty.
  8. I have and love the kenyan fawn... it was my mothers and she gave it to me a few years back. (and it still looks incredible, even after years and years of wear!) Though I love black epi, I think you could get it later. Go for the one thats hard to find!
  9. I prefer Fawn :tup:
  10. Kenyan Fawn! The world abounds in black leather bags. You will have one that people notice for being different and BEAUTIFUL!