buying LV overseas via phone?

  1. I am full of questions today!

    This is really in regards to the damier Sophie....I would really like to buy one of these when it comes out, but since I live in the US it may not be available here (not confirmed yet).

    Is it possible to get on a waitlist in another country or must you be in their database like Hawaii? I can't purchase from Hawaii stores because I am not in their database as having purchased over there before.

    Just curious how buying from overseas works...

  2. hmmm... I dont' think it's possible for Hawaii because it's "special", but i do know that it *CAN* be done if you have "connections".... I think there are two situations: (1) you want a LE bag which is exclusive to that region: in this case you probably can NOT get on the waitlist UNLESS the store has plenty plenty plenty in stock or it's a leftover LE item from several seasons ago, (2) but if it's a permanent bag then I'm pretty sure you can get hold of one. Also another situation is that they allow you to get the bag (LE or not), but will they actually SHIP out the item to your country? If you have family in that country then it's fine cuz they can help "transfer" your parcel. However if you don't have connections or family, it will be hard.....

    Anyhoo, bottom line is that it *CAN* be done. I just got offered to send something internationally from my local boutique cuz I casually mentioned this item that might interest a "friend".....
  3. So is something that can be done but it depends on the manager ? :confused1:
  4. Yes, i think it certainly *CAN* be done, it's possible and like i said if you have "connections" then that'll be a big help. HOwever it doesn't even need to be the manager (or at least my SA#2 isn't).