Buying LV over phone with credit card

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  1. I want to buy a speedy for my friend overseas. Am I able to call their local boutique and use my credit card to purchase and get them to send it to my friend? Just in case she wants to swap it for something else if she doesn't like it. Has anyone done anything like this before, and does LV do this?
  2. yeah..LV does do charge send..i have not done it yet, but will in the future. when I called to inquire about prices and asked about a charge send the lady at 1866 told me they will need to fax me an invoice that I need to sign and send it back to them.

    regular policy I believe to avoid scams and untruthful person.
  3. Yeah, this is how it works, same way with most designers, this is how it was when I ordered my Marc bag from Cal.
  4. ok, hopefully this can be done before christmas! will call them tomorrow. do i need to send them a copy of my credit card or just sign the invoice? might put it on my parents c/c
  5. I've order from LV via phone before and the item has to go to the address on the credit card. They would not ship to another addy.
    So they will ship it to you and you will have to resend it to your friend.
  6. it's very convenient if your local store doesn't have the item!
  7. what a lucky friend you have!!!
  8. I agree, LV will only ship to the billing address (has to be the same as your credit card) They check that the two match.
    You WILL have to send it to your friend yourself. That is for security purposes...if someone picked up your credit card from the street, and they order something from LV and have it sent to them, that wouldn't be very good, would it?
  9. How about buying something from another country (within Europe)? Is that possible too? Do you always have to fax a copy of your credit card? As that's a bit trickier because I don't have a fax machine...
  10. Oh yeah...they may not ship outside the country, either. You might as well buy a Speedy where you live, then send it to her. Or give her the $$ to buy the Speedy :P
  11. i guess that makes sense, but won't really help since i was hoping it could be sent straight there in time for xmas. will they ship to a P.O. box as most places don't and that is my billing address...
  12. hum....Chanel didn't require this step for phone order..., just read a post from PursePrincessAmy how LV messed up the order big time >"<. Back to topic, I would def. go w/******+Eluxury combo(4% rebates, tax free, and free s&h!!!:yes: ) to have the speedy send 2 u, then u can personally ship the goody to your friend, add a x-mas card and what not. w/X-mas shipping maddness, a bunch of TPFers suffer from horrible s&h problems. I would feel more safe to select a more reliable carrier, it also depends which part of world your friend is, DHL works wonder in Asia, but not so hot in Europe.
    I just searched Elux for speedy, they have mono, damier(sry, no azur), minilin, balck MC:graucho: , and nomade, good luck!