Buying LV off Ebay from another country

  1. Hello all! I have been stalking a few LV bags on eBay. Lets assume that after thorough examination the bag is authentic. I live in the US and the bag is currently in Japan. After paying the auction for the bag and the shipping fee will there be any other fee's by entering the US to pay? Excuse my ignorance, I jusy don't like surprises!
  2. I also have wondered that and didn't buy for that reason! I could be wrong but it seems that some people do and others don't. I really hope someone answers your question!
  3. I just bought a bag from japan...and was wondering the same thing, do we have to pay customs? I think not, if the value is under $800 (like it is when you travel out of the US and buy stuff). i was reading feedback reviews and no one mentioned customs, but all the items were below $800, so I'm going to guess that is the case.
  4. Yeah no one mentions customs fees, adn even if there were some extra fee how is that determined? Hmmm....:confused1: