Buying LV @ Neiman Marcus or LV Store?

  1. Which would be more practical? or is it the same thing pretty much? ^^;

    Reason why I ask is.. there a Neiman Marcus that sell's LV thats about 20 minutes away from my house.. but theres also a LV Store but it's about 40 minutes from my house.. which one do you think would be a better experience? or is it basically the same.. just one's inside another store.. o_o;

    Oh yeah! Also.. do they give you the same "treatment" because I know that if you buy like coach at Macy's or something they don't really treat you the same way if you were to goto the actualy coach store..
  2. Practical would be to go to the NEAREST LV store whether it's an LV counter at a dept. store or the actual LV boutique. But, it would probably be easier and less crowded if you just went to the NM that is near you. However, maybe the selection of LV bags may not be as good as going to the actual LV boutique.

    It's almost the weekend... go to both places!!! This is coming from a person who would actually visit 3 or 4 LV stores in one day!!! LOL!
  3. I would rather go to the LV store because its usually bigger with more selection but it's pretty much the same. Treatment depends on the individual place.
  4. For me, I prefer the store because the people who work at my NM counter aren't very nice.
    But do whatever works for you!
  5. Haha I did that a couple of times..last year during my bday, I went to the Rodeo store and the one in the Beverly Center. And then a couple of weeks ago when I was at South Coast, I went to the counters in Bloomies and Saks and the actual store. :roflmfao:
  6. I prefer the store. Their storage in the back is smaller, so their bags are newer. Of course, you can always check the date code and ask for new ones, but that's my impression.
  7. I too prefer the actual boutique... I don't really like to go to the LV in NM due to the fact that when you're leaving LV, you have to fight your way to leave NM, with all of the people in cosmetics in the way. :p
  8. you're funny! truth is i also went to beverly center, century, south coast plaza (inside neiman's and lv boutique), and rodeo drive in 2 days this past june!
    imo the boutique is way better because they have more stuff on display and you're free to wander and touch and smell all the great stuff without someone hovering. as far as the treatment, it does depend...sometimes we get stuck with the snotty ones, but never fear if you go to a bigger boutique there are plenty sa's to go around, hopefully you'll find one who is nice! whereas at the neiman's counter there'll probably be only one if at most two and if one's snotty, chances are the other one will be too. good luck and i hope you have lots of fun!:tup:
  9. LOL!!! If you're at Rodeo (and the Saks?) and Bev. Ctr, you might as well go to the Century City store!!!

    I usually drag my DH with me when we go to several LV stores on the same day.... he's actually good at naming alot of the LV purses!!! (But then he wanders away while I stare at the LV purses!!!)
  10. I think it really depends on the NM store. I have had good SA at NM where I live. If you already know what you want, you can always call NM ahead of time to see if they have it.
  11. In my area, the NM and the LV boutique are right across the street from each other -- and I prefer going to NM for LV. The NM boutique is brighter, better stocked and the staff much friendlier than at the LV store. I usually only go to the LV store if I want to go to Hermes (next door)!:p
  12. Like so many people here, I too like going into the actual boutique. They have a better selection and mine has shoes and jewelry. But my favorite SA through whom most of my purchases were made works at Neiman. She knows me that I am particular about made in France, alignment when I call in for a particular item, she usually holds at least 2 for me. I LVoe her!!! Only thing at NM they only take Amex and NM card. Of course cash is always welcome. GoodLVck!!!
  13. xD!
    You guy are all so very helpful!

    Well I plan on paying this baby off with cash! OH YEAH! XD!!
  14. LoL the only time I've done that is in Vegas, there's LV boutiques everywhere!:yahoo:
  15. Tell me about it!! I live in Vegas and hop from store to store. I do have my regular SA's Fashion Show LV and Neiman Marcus. I go to the LV that has what I want!