Buying LV in Tokyo?

  1. Hi,

    I am doing some homework before I buy my 1st LV bag. Since I will be going to tokyo next yr feb and I am thinking to buy a LV there! I understand that HK and S'pore has the best price for LV in asia but I spoke to some friends, they told me that Japan sometimes has some models that are not available in other asia countries. Is that true?

    Is it worth to buy it in Japan? How much would it be more expensive if comparing to HK/S'pore? anyone can help?

  2. if you are from the us it really isn't worth it. the prices are about 30% more. it is true that they will have exclusive styles.
  3. If my memory do not fail me I sought of recall that some LV bag designs are only available in Japan.

    Price wise I am not sure how much expensive it is in Japan but between the 3 places you mentioned, HK is the cheapest of all.
  4. Yes! Its true, when I was in Hawaii last year I managed to get my hands on a Monogram Sophie, which was a limited edition to Hawaii and Japan only!!! I'm not quite sure why but Japan seems to get a lot of limited editions in a lot of brands! And yes HK is definetly cheaper than the US for designer bags!
  5. HK might be your cheapest bet if you're going to buy directly from the boutique. LV is much more expensive in Japan compared to the US or Europe. The second-hand LV prices in Japan, though, are SUPER cheap (not the minty ones, though)...
  6. The prices for the boutique are way higher.. it's not worth it unless you're buying second hand, and even then, the HK ones might still be better !

  7. is it true?? include LV and chanel??
  8. Thanks for all your comments. I think unless I'm getting limited edition, then is worth the $ to buy in Tokyo. BTW, I'm from Malaysia. ;)
  9. Good luck on buying the bag you want!
  10. It really depends on several factor on which country offers best rate for LV. Besides Japan's high price, if you plan to pay w/c card, don't forget to consider international transaction fee (btwn 1%~3%) as well as how the bank calculate exchange rate if your cards are not based in Asia. It is true Japan have some exclusive bags such as original release of Panda, Mono/Damier Sophie, Vernis Speedy, Vachetta Speedy/Bucket/Alma etc. but they are usally sold out within a month or so after release. Unless you will be at Japan when an JP exclusive bag launch, i'd wait til HK to get the bag.
  11. No, it's not necessarily true.