Buying LV in France


Feb 12, 2006
My good friend from college is going to France for two weeks in early January and offered to buy a batignolles regular for me (it's next on my list!).:yahoo:It's a little less than $100 cheaper over there, so I'm psyched.

She wanted to know if there was anything specific she had to do, and I told her about:

-the VAT refund and to make sure she asks about the proper procedure
-to keep the receipt
-all the other tips and tricks about selecting an LV bag I learned from my own experiences and the rest of you all, etc., since she's never bought an LV.

I trust her completely, but I'm still nervous that I might have forgotten to tell her something. Is there anything else I need to be aware of about buying something from France? Does she have to bring it on the plane with her? TIA! I'm so excited to have a bag from France!
Wow! Congrats!

I would like to know too. My in-laws are Europeans, but never let me shop when I visit. My dh promise to take me to Paris in the near future and it would be nice to know what I can buy and bring back from the other side of the ocean. :flowers:
OOOH How much cheaper. My BF is taking me to Paris as my Xmas gift. if I wear it right when I get it do I have to pay VAT? Isnt it like buying an outfit and wearing it out in Paris? im confused. Do you pay VAT at the store? Thanks in advance:flowers:
Yay for you! Getting a bag from France is a really good deal :yes: If I'm not mistaken, she has to get the form at the store and claim the refund from the airport, meaning, she has to have the bag with her when she boards. Can anyone confirm this? :P

serengeti18, check the prices in Euro at and you can do a conversion to compare the prices with elux.
Thanks for the advice, everyone! I told her to do the following, which I copied and pasted from my e-mail to her:

"-Ask the salesperson for a bag from the back, and not from the display or from the drawers underneath the showcases. Tell them you want one that has the least amount of patina.

-Ask for a box

-Check to make sure that there are no obvious scuff marks, spots, discolorations or anything on the bag, and that the seams and the LVs line up

-I need the receipt in case I ever have to bring it in for repairs, so ask if you get to keep the receipt when doing VAT (I don't know what the procedure is in France compared to England)

-Try to put my name and address for the customer information, if you can."

The batignolles regular is $705 US, $623 if you do the euro-dollar conversion. I'll make sure to email her and tell her about the max allowance- I hope it doesn't change her ability to get me the bag!