Buying LV in France question..

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  1. I have a friend going there soon and I was thinking of having her buy a bag for me while she's there. My question is, is the cost less to buy there instead of the US? Any input would be helpful. TIA :smile:
  2. Yes your saving will be about 30% right now.
  3. Yep. Big savings depending on what you get.
  4. I guess there would also be the tax free/refund that adds up to the savings in price difference.

  5. Dang. Big difference.
  6. Lucky!!! That's a big difference!!!
  7. Huge savings there! I can't wait to visit next month and buy my St Germain MM! I'm buying a bag for my BFF too!
  8. Yes. I bought in France and the savings is substantial.
  9. I bought bags in Greece and Italy last fall, and could not believe the savings! It's even more if you get all the paperwork for the VAT refund, then arrive at the airport hours earlier than your flight back to the states to wait in those long, long lines to get the papers stamped. Then, of course, it's another few months before the tax credit shows up on your credit card, but it's worth it. Not sure that I would want to spend extra time in an airport in Europe right now though. That said, I'm still planning on buying another LV in Paris next month!
  10. Doing the VAT at CDG took me only 5 minutes to scan my docs. I received my refund in 3 weeks.
  11. Yes the cost is less !!! Its totally worth it !!! Which bag are you thinking of getting ?