Buying LV in Canada, Lord have mercy

  1. So I'm a recent transplant and live in a town way north, behind god's back called Fort McMurray - 1 mall.
    So I have been calling around trying to get my name on the waitlist for the Richard Prince watercolor speedy.
    So I called Edmonton - the girl actually said "What, we don't have anything like that"
    So I start explaining, new collection etc. She then oh so politely informs me, Ma'am that does not sound familiar but thank you for your interest.NO I'll check into it or anything.
    Ok so I call Calgary. This was a little better, I explain I want to be waitlisted for the bag with vachetta handles - she asked me what is vachetta ( HELP LORD please)
    So I say let me call Toronto - OK finally they knew and could help me.
    Seriously though, this is my third bad experience since September with the Calgary and Edmonton stores ( Leaving Banff out because their service is excellent).
    In Edmonton I was there the day they were off-loading the mirage speedy and was so pissed with the apathetic service I walked away. Basically cutting of my nose to spoil my face because I really wanted it.
    To the fellow CANUCKS in Alberta, what is the secret to getting good service at LV