Buying LV in Barcelona and bringing it back to Canada?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm planning a trip to Barcelona this September and will also be going to Morocco briefly after before heading back to Canada. I've been eyeing an LV MM Neverfull for quite some time and want to take advantage of the lower price in Europe & VAT refund.

    Unfortunately, I'm struggling to route my travels so that I leave from Barcelona instead Morocco on my way home (due to cost and logistics). Do you guys think it will be possible for me to buy the LV bag in Barcelona, pack it in my carry on luggage, and then lug it with me until I go home? How sturdy is the bag or will I risk compromising the structure of the bag?

    I don't want to be lugging the shopping bag with me everywhere as I don't want to draw unwanted attention...
  2. The box may get a little damaged but the Neverfull itself is pretty flat when you first get it. There isn’t much structure to speak of. Example pic:

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  3. You’ll see a lot of Louis Vuitton bags in Morocco! Buy your bag in Spain, get your VAT refund as you leave for Morocco, and then fly back to Canada! I would ditch the box and the shopping bag before going to customs in Canada. Happy travels!!
  4. The neverfull is one of the most unstructured bags. Very easy to pack in your carry on. I pack my PM size flat all the time. You don’t need the box or shopping bag to get your VAT refund. Just the item, receipt, and VAT paperwork.
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  5. Second the recommendations to ditch the box or put the empty box in your suitcase. Be careful at Canadian customs, they catch people out with questions like “Nice bag, is it new?”
  6. Depending on what else you're planning on buying, you'd have to pay duty if you're over your personal limit. So, make sure you factor that in to your decision to buy abroad.
  7. The Neverfull MM is very flat when you get it. So nothing to worry about regarding structure. As others have said, ditch the box and paper bag and put it in your carry on.
  8. I'm Canadian as well - and have bought LV in Europe last couple of years, because of the price difference
    You won't have any problem at all packing it in a carry on.
    And - I've always been able to take my bill into my local store in Vancouver and request a box. Have always gotten a box and a bag once I show them my receipt and let them know why I didn't request them initially.
  9. My friend bought her LV from France (about $1,800 after VAT refund and conversion). She declared it and had no issue with the border. She didn't have to pay duty or taxes. I think this is just case by case though so be careful your NF may be more expensive buying there.