1. when buying an LV from eluxury, when they ask gift box, do I say yes or no? I said yes, and it said "eluxury gift box" Does this mean it comes with an LV box? Anyone know?

  2. I think if you check the gift box, they send you an eluxury box. I've always left it unchecked and they always send the LV box with it ;)
  3. when i called elux, they said it will be just as if you had bought it in the store-LV box and all. but i haven't bought anything from them yet, so i can't say for sure.
  4. I didn't select the gift box, but I got LV boxes every time.
  5. Don't pick the Eluxury box. When I talked to them they said if you pick the elux box you don't get an LV box (it's either one or the other). So, if I were you I'd just leave that box unchecked ;)
  6. I've bought quite a few items from elux, and I never check the elux gift box. I always get an LV box and appropriate dust cover.
  7. I check the gift box every time I make a purchase from elux. I've bought so many LV items from them, and I always get the LV box. But for other items, I get an elux gift box.
  8. ah, this is good to know!
  9. I never knew that! But then again I never order LV from elux lol
  10. you get a LV box regardless if you check the gift box option or not =)
  11. I check it and didn't get it gift boxed, it just came in a the original LV box with the dust bag but that may not be the case?
  12. I'll chime in to say I have checked the gift box option and have only received LV boxes.
  13. I didn't check the gift box and got an LV box
  14. I have never checked the box and always get the LV boxes-
  15. for LV Purchases, LV box will always arrive...a while ago if you clicked the gift box, elux only included the purple ribbon....they dont include the ribbon anymore