Buying LV for my hubby.

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  1. I was just wondering, if any LV addicts out there have purchased for their partners. It's hubby's birthday soon and he DESERVES LV. Cripes! He has to put up with me all day raving about LV. LV this. LV that. LV to die for. :yahoo:
    What should I start him off with? Do men use epi wallets? Any suggestions greatly appreciated:heart:
  2. 2 item he may enjoy 1. 6cc billfold 2. Tobago pocket organizer
    IMG_0757.JPG IMG_0755.JPG
  3. I think any of the pocket organizers would be a good gift.
  4. i have gotten my guy friends wallets from LV before and they all love them -- Damier canvas was the one that got the best reviews and the Damier canvas messender melville is very popular with the guys in my school

    luck hubby you got :smile:
  5. My hubby LOVES LV! I'd definitely get him something. A nice wallet isn't extremely expensive. Wish my guy's taste still ran that cheap. lol... he's eating into MY bag buying money. lol
  6. my bf uses this mandrin epi wallet every single day and loves it to death.
    he just commented that he liked the mono billfold too! go fig.
    this organizer is fantastic if your hubby doesn't carry too much. if he carries any more, go with a billfold. this really isn't the best pic of the interior, there are 2 slit pockets in the interior and 3 cc slits too. on the outside is one slit pocket.
    his bf carries this wallet in black.

    the orange one is my bf's wallet.

  7. That orange on a guy rocks!! I needta get hubby one of those! He's been wanting a red tobago but I worry the "paint" like edging will come off. His fave is black glace' because of durability.

    Thanks for posting photos!
  8. Hmmm, I may have to look into the pocket organizer. I've been wanting something a little slimmer than my regular bifold gucci wallet, especially to wear with suits, etc...

    I can see one of these in Damier in my future...
  9. ^My DH has the same wallet hahaha. I've been begging for an EPI bag...but he says NO then goes and gets one of those wallets LOL. He also has an EPI business card holder.

    Other things he has been purchasing from LV lately are ties and cuff links. and he is also looking at belts and now a lap-top case...
  10. My bf loves Damier and Mono Wallet ( 6 or 9 cc bifold ) but I think Taiga is perfect for man :smile:
  11. A wallet then a belt in Epi. I am getting my DH a black Epi belt
  12. I got my hubby a New wallet for xmas...I guess a wallet, messger bag or a tie will be good for hubby!!
  13. I wish my hubby was into LV. He complained about having to spend $10 on a camoflauge wallet from Academy, lol. He would never carry anything LV.
  14. The taiga is pretty scratch-resistant, but I'm also a big fan of Utah.

  15. well, glace doesn't come in black, but mat does. its a discontinued line that is HELLA hard to find, trust me on that, its been my personal hunt!

    those two lines are not as durable as epi or mono. they are not flimsy, but they can/do peel, discolor and show scratches. the epi just doesn't do any of that. it withstands water, champagne (i was at a party) and cranberry and vodka (still at the party) and can be cleaned effortlessly with baby wipes (the ones with out alcohol, of course)

    i go epi. my bf says epi. according to him its not as showy, just has the one LV on it and is durable and very manly. if he is comfortable with the mono, and most men i know are not, go for a billfold or porte cartes. this is all according to my lovely man and his bff. well, that is boyfriend to me and best friend for him, just to clarify.