Buying LV @ebay vs LV Store

  1. Hi all, I'm kinda new to LV, but would like to buy my first one.

    What is the difference between buying at online site (eBay) vs. LV Store. I know that I should be carefull about authenticity if buying from eBay. But what about LV previledges, like will you be able to take your bag to LV store to get any repair if there's any damage down the road?
    I heard that if you buy in LV store they put your data in their system? Is this true? please advise me! Thanks so much!!
  2. Yes... when you buy LVs at the boutique, they will take your address etc... It helps speed up the process when buying. I would personally recommend buying a bag from the boutique first... that way you know what a true LV looks like in person and then go looking for deals on one online.

    You WILL be able to repair your bag at anytime, however.. there is no warranty if you don't have an ORIGINAL copy of the receipt. If you don't have the receipt, the repair costs will be on you.

    If you are looking to buy a bag online, eBay especially... look for sellers who have very high ratings or are My Poupette recommended.

    GOOD LUCK to you!
  3. ALso Eluxury is the only authorized online website so you could buy from there as well and be ok with authenticity. Ebay is just a little harder to identify sometimes. But the authenticity forum on here are pretty good at spotting fakes. SO if you find something put it through here first.