Buying LV Boxes

  1. Quick question:

    Will an LV store sell you a box? Or is ebay the only alternative to try and find one?
  2. I would call your local LV and ask if they would give you a box. Most of the time they are pretty accomodating.
  3.'s probably going to be for an item I'm thinking of buying second hand...I just really like storing them in the boxes!
  4. I would still call. The worst thing that could happen is they say no or tell you how much a box is.
  5. Thanks :smile:
  6. I think they *might* give you one. It helps to be friendly with your SA sometimes though because they don't usually like to give out dustbags and boxes, simply because people might not use them for their own bags, but include them with fake bags. Or use them to go by to make fake dustbags and boxes.
    So I'd definitely call though and tell them exactly what bag you need it for..they should be able to give you one. :smile:
  7. Thanks LV!!!
  8. No problem :smile:
  9. i called before to ask about my speedy and they do provide you with a larger box if you ask them (for free). in my case i needed it shipped b/c i don't have an LV store near me so they said they would have to charge $10 for shipping
  10. you might find some on ebay but your SA might give you one
  11. It helps if you have a rapport with your SA. My SA once gave me two extra boxes.
  12. Is it that important to get boxes? (when I buy I don't want boxes, clog up my closet).
  13. Some people keep boxes while others don't.

    I have a smaller box that I wanted to see if I could get a bigger one cause eLux shipped my big Speedy in the tiniest box when I had it exchanged (the box they gave the first time around was a big size). The store said no and that they're phasing out the boxes. I was like, okay and that was it.

    It depends. When I didn't get a box for my 40 from the store in KOP, I called and they told me to bring in the receipt. I got the box after showing my receipt.
  14. I don't know what to do with all my LV boxes cuz they are filling my closet up as well. Should I sell them on Ebay or is it worth to do that?
  15. You would have to take into consideration the likelihood that some of the people buying them would be buying them to pass a fake off as real. :rant: