Buying LV bags without paying taxes

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  1. With CA taxes going up, I am wondering if there is any way at all to buy LV while avoiding the taxes.... Any ideas?
  2. if not call the 1866vuitton to order..

  3. Eluxury chrage tax if ship to CA. :crybaby:
  4. Oh call up Saks in Portland, OR and have it shipped to you. NO sales tax in OR
  5. Have the item charge/sent from any outside state that has a boutique to your home. No sales tax. Expedited shipping is $20 think ground is free.
  6. Don't think this will work. As long as there is an LV store in the state, you will have to pay sales tax. I think your best bet is to call a Saks that has an LV and have them ship it to you. Just double check and make sure.
  7. Thanks so much for all your advice!! I just called the Galleria in TX and got it without tax, and shipping 2nd day was only 20 bucks.
    So excited!!
    I hope it will look good on me!!
  8. Hi Mouseptrolix,
    Oh really? Glad to know that. I am from CA too. Could you provide the TX phone numbers as I can order from there too. Thank You.
    Congrats on your purchase. Galleria is one of my wish list:smile:
  9. Oh no, sorry for the confusion, what I meant that I called Saks at the galleria mall in TX and ordered me a Tivoli GM.
    The number is 9727165293, the SA name was Paris. Good luck!
  10. Hi, have you got your Tivoli GM shipped to you? I plan to purchase 1 from there too:smile:
  11. Yes, I got it last week and it is amazing. I am on vacation now, wearing it, and it already patinated a bit so lovely!!
  12. ^it this way cheaper then going to hawaii and purchasin cuz my bro going to hawaii in the summer.. also r we able to return the lv we bought at our local lv?
  13. It is same price everywhere. The only difference is that you don't pay taxes whether it is from tx, hawaii or any other out of state. Yes, they told me you can return to the local lv store, but I kept mine so can't confirm how smooth it would be to process return.
  14. Ladies,
    I'm in Houston TX. Do you have contact phone/email of any Saks's SA from other state? I would like to order from outside TX so that I don't have to pay tax.
    I'm long for my first LV ever!
  15. Just call a saks in any other state and ask for lv boutique. That's what I did!