Buying LV bags in the Caribbean

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  1. Hi guys I'm new. I found this forum a few days ago and I've been lurking since. I don't know if this is the right forum for this question so sorry if it has to be moved!

    In a few weeks my aunt is going on a cruise and said that she might buy each of us a LV bag (her a Klara and me a Speedy) if she finds them there because they're usually about half the price as here in America, my question is are they real? I don't want to spend that kind of money for a fake bag but I don't want to miss the chance if it turns out they are real. So does anyone know if bags sold in the Caribbean are authentic?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. the only places that sell real, new Louis Vuitton bags are Louis Vuitton boutiques and if the exchange rate is favorable and you save money by buying it in a caribbean boutique instead of an american one, then go for it, but the bag comes from somewhere other than a Louis Vuitton boutique, it's fake.
  3. There's an LV boutique in Cancun. Other than that...I've never seen them in the Caribbean.
  4. Nope! Their's authenticated boutiques, but don't go buying LV's in one of their malls, where you see 5/10 stores carrying LV's ....their fake. Just get to know the speedy. and you will be able to spot out a fake easy.

    They do have a LV boutique on the MAi Island. Right off port.

    Just don't believe anyone right off the harbor, of one their strip malls, where I think their is about 10 little stores.
    At this time b/c of the hurricane, their is Boats taking you in, b/c of the harbor still being bad.
    I can ask though...
  5. There's one in Bermuda as well.. but I think that one and the one in Cancun are the only ones. I could be wrong though. Your aunt might be talking about fakes, she might not know better.

    Also, remember that there's no such thing as discount LV's. LV never have any sales, ever!
  6. Thanks for the advice guys :smile: My aunt is going with a bunch of friends and she said one of them would never buy a fake/knock-off anything so we'll see. I'll tell her to make sure she gets them from a LV store, maybe call the hotline ahead of time and see if they can tell her more about it
  7. No they're not. They should be the same price but depending on the exchange rate it might be favorable on your part (or your aunt's) to get it from the Caribbeans. But even then it isn't half-off.
  8. At the cancun boutique the prices were the same. The only benefit was no sales tax!
  9. Maybe that's why she thinks it would be so cheap b/c Lomg Island (where we live) tax is so high lol
  10. That could be. Well, whatever you get, make sure you post a pic!
  11. there is a lv boutique in the mom bought me one there when we were on a cruise wasnt much cheaper just less tax
  12. The only I have noticed authentic bags is St Barth...everywhere else they were fake...I've never been to the Bahamas but have mostly everywhere else...hmmm wondering if I need to check the bahamas
    FYI I find that when I shop online they don't charge me tax...